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Green Infrastructure Detention Project

Green Infrastructure Detention Project Located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Uptown Worthington is a one-of-a-kind development transforming the site of a former Worthington Steel factory into a national model for the principles of new urbanism. Considerations for underground infrastructure followed suit with the trendy development in staying ahead of the curve with how stormwater is managed, and […]

200th Street Bridge Replacement – Buchanan Co., IA

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance has released a video highlighting the advantages of using steel when replacing outdated, rigid structures. The following text is the corresponding press release. WASHINGTON D.C., February 6, 2017 – The residents of Buchanan County, Iowa have a new, durable and cost-effective steel buried bridge in place to handle traffic […]

Corvallis – Newport Highway

Buried Bridge Top Choice for Wildlife Crossing TThe Corvallis – Newport Highway in Lincoln County, Oregon connects the interior of Oregon to the Pacific coast. Portions of the highway wind through logging country. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is rerouting a portion of the highway to enhance public safety and allow shorter truck routes. […]

Pembina County Extension – 2016 DOT Project of the Year Winner

2016 DOT Project of Year Winner: Pembina County Border Crossing, ND The North Dakota Department of Transportation has been busy with this crossing on I-29 at the Canadian border in Pembina County. The versatility of corrugated steel structural plate pipe at this US / Canadian border crossing station has allowed continued expansion to meet growing […]

Dallas County, IA – 2014 Corrugated Steel Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the Year

2014 Steel Pipe and Arch Project of Year Winner: Dallas County, IA A landowner in Dallas County, Iowa, required access to his farmland but the existing bridge was beyond its useful life and no longer safe. Replacing this deteriorating bridge quickly and in the most cost effective manner were both key considerations. After talking with […]

Smith Ford Crossing – 2015 Corrugated Steel Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the Year

2015 Corrugated Steel Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the Year Winner: Smith Ford Temporary Crossing This half-round CSP structure, with its own footing plates, was designed by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. for bridging small streams on a temporary basis. This rugged structure, with an I-Beam spine, 24″ wide by ½” thick footing plates, and five […]

University of West Georgia Cisterns – 2013 Retention/Detention Project of the Year

2013 Retention/Detention Project of the Year Winner: University of West Georgia Cisterns Federal regulations and prolonged drought in Georgia have forced engineers and specifiers to become creative in storage and reuse of rainwater. The University of West Georgia has expanded rapidly during the last several years and has asked design engineers to be resourceful when […]

Minnesota State Highway 10 – 2013 DOT Project of the Year

2013 DOT Project of the Year Winner:  Minnesota State Highway 210 In June 2012, Duluth, MN, had a record 7 inches of rain in a two-day period that washed out a drainage structure on Minnesota State Highway 210. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) designed a 144-inch by 180 feet of 10 gauge,  Aluminized Type 2, […]

Century Boulevard – 2014 Structural Plate Project of the Year

2014 Structural Plate Project of the Year Winner:  Century Boulevard In July 2013, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation began construction of an extension to Century Boulevard in Germantown, Maryland. As part of the road extension, a bridge was needed to span a tributary of Little Seneca Creek. To facilitate the crossing, the engineering consultant […]