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Structural Plate Offers Economical Solution to Bridge Replacement

Replacing or rehabilitating bridge structures can quickly consume your road budget. Corrugated steel structural plate can help relieve that concern. Structural plate can clear spans from 5’ up to 72’ and allow for many bridges at grade crossings to be converted into more economical buried structures. These structures often utilize shallow foundations, locally available backfill […]

Positive Joint Connections Ensure Structural Integrity

Like most anything, a culvert or storm drain system can only be as strong as its weakest link. Typically, the weakest link is the joint, or the point where two pieces of pipe come together. Both reinforced concrete pipe and high density polyethylene pipe use a stab joint or bell and spigot configurations to join […]

Polymer Coated CSP Provides Superior Service Life to Most Pipe

Have a tough drainage application where pipe service life is a concern? Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) made of Polymer Coated Steel is the answer. Polymer Coated CSP has been proven to provide superior service life of up to 100 years and can be used in applications where soils and effluent have PH from 3 to […]

AREMA Rewrites Specs Using NCSPA Design Manual

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) Committee #1 on Roadway and Ballast has undertaken the task of rewriting Chapter 1 – Roadway Ballast, Part 4 – Culverts. These revisions will closely follow information presented in the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association’s (NCSPA) Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual. The majority of the proposed revisions […]

New NCSPA Website Debuts

MEET YOUR NEW RIGHT HAND – NCSPA.ORG Welcome to the new NCSPA website! This new site was created as an extensive resource to assist engineers, contractors, and government and public works officials in specifying and using corrugated steel pipe products. Within this site, you will find in-depth information on everything you need to know about […]

CSP Systems Offer Green Solutions

CSP SYSTEMS OFFER GREEN SOLUTIONS FOR PUBLIC WORKS OFFICIALS AND DESIGNERS Sustainable construction has been a hot button topic and growing concern across the country. Soaring energy prices combined with the public’s growing awareness and advocacy for greener solutions and focus on reducing carbon emissions has brought these issues to the forefront of public debate. […]