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Project Spotlight: Cornelius 100,000+ ft3 Detention System in Cornelius, North Carolina

By: Southeast Culvert, Inc The Watermark Luxury Condo development in Cornelius, North Carolina is another example of how early collaboration between the project engineer, developer, and drainage manufacturer can reduce a project’s cost. Initially designed with a concrete vault for the underground detention system and RCP for the stormdrain pipe, the developer JMR Construction approached […]

Project Spotlight: Threaded Pipe Liner Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

By: Pacific Corrugated Pipe Engineers from the Packaging Technology sector of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions contacted Pacific Corrugated pipe with a unique request. They wanted to understand if corrugated steel pipe could be produced in such a way that two segment cans would “thread” into each other. If this could be achieved, both ends of […]

Project Spotlight: Mexico, Missouri Grain Storage Aeration

By: Metal Culverts, Inc  In the grain belt of the United States farmers have been blessed with technological and genetic advances that have allowed them to produce corn and soybean yields that would be almost unbelievable to farmers 20 years ago.  This over abundance, as good as it may sound to the general public, has […]

Project Spotlight: SR 3023 Over White Creek

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc The Pennsylvania DOT project provided for the slip line rehabilitation of an existing 156 inch diameter steel structural plate pipe culvert crossing of State Route 3023 at White Creek in Susquehanna County, PA, located in the upper northeast corner of the state. The slip line pipe used for the rehabilitation was […]

Project Spotlight: Salem and South Fields Irrigation Canal Enclosure

By: Contech Engineered Solutions Located in Spanish Fork, Utah are six principle diversions from the Spanish Fork River. They are known locally as East Bench Canal, Salem Canal, Malcolm Ditch,Mill Race, South Field Canal, and Lake Shore Canal. These canals are owned and operated by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) whose primary responsibility […]

Project Spotlight: Great Park

By: Big R Bridge The Great Park project consisted of redevelopment of the former El Toro Marine base in Irvine, CA. The El Toro marine base was built after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to providea blimp base for antisubmarine patrols for the Los Angeles harbor. After World War II the based was repurposed to […]

Special Application Project of the Year: Block 9 Project

By: TrueNorth Steel Another first for the NCSPA is the awarding of the Project of the Year Award for Special Application to TrueNorth Steel for their Block 9 project. The Block 9 project is in the heart of downtown Fargo, ND. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, this empty slate started its transformation into a […]

Service Life Project of the Year: 1938 Plate Arch Rehabilitation

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc  Our first ever Service Life Project of the Year Award goes to Lane Enterprises for their impressive 1938 Plate Arch Rehabilitation. This Minnesota DOT project provided for the rehabilitation of Bridge No. 5265 by adding additional side plates to the interior and exterior of the existing structure to preserve the historical […]

Rehabilitation Project of the Year: Shakey Lakes Dam Reline

By: Contech Engineered Solutions  Shakey Lakes Park, located in Menominee County, Michigan, is known for its great fishing and gorgeous views around the lakes. Both locals and tourists alike take advantage of the many amenities available there, and Menominee County takes pride in the advantages the park and surrounding lakes afford. At the end of […]