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ALT2 Field Reports Prove 100 Years of Service LIfe for CSP Structures


corrugated steel pipe field reports

Throughout NCSPA’s long history, numerous corrugated steel pipe (CSP) installations have been the subject of routine critical evaluation to establish accurate, predictable service life guidelines.  The studies of the aluminized type 2 (ALT2) installations were conducted with a coupon sampling at the 50-year mark to examine soil resistivity, water resistivity and overall condition of the pipe to determine the remaining projected service life. AK Steel conducted the evaluations on various locations around the country. Read more on a few sample corrugated steel pipe installations field reports.

ALT2 coating develops an oxide barrier layer on the interior pipe surface and thus performs well in areas where the presence of soft water would require a coating other than galvanized CSP.  In addition to performing well in soft water conditions, CSP with an ALT2 coating performs in wider ranges of pH and resistivity.

Based on conservative pit penetration extrapolations from the studies, the projected service life of the ALT2 CSP samples will exceed 100 years in their environments.

AK Steel inspected CSP installations in various locations around the country. Select a specific location to read more about the location and see images of the inspected pipe: Iowa, California, Illinois, Colorado and Kansas.

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