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AREMA Rewrites Specs Using NCSPA Design Manual

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) Committee #1 on Roadway and Ballast has undertaken the task of rewriting Chapter 1 – Roadway Ballast, Part 4 – Culverts. These revisions will closely follow information presented in the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association’s (NCSPA) Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual. The majority of the proposed revisions will be located in Section 4.9 – Design Criteria for Corrugated Metal Pipes.

The main focus of the revisions will be the incorporation of heights of cover tables for helical corrugated steel pipe (CSP) in the 2 2/3 x ½, 3×1, and 5×1 profiles for both round and arched CSP. Additionally, a new sub-section on Loads has been added and changes to the recommended minimum cover below the bottom of the tie and the recommended soil stiffness factor or K value used in calculations are being made. These recommended changes are expected to be voted on by the full AREMA membership this summer and incorporated into the new specification this fall.

The NCSPA Corrugated Steep Pipe Design Manual is now available in PDF format on disk. Now you can have CSP products, methods and design guidelines at your fingertips with just a click of the mouse. The extensive first edition manual emphasizes the many applications of corrugated steel products, as well as the special design considerations, rehabilitation and maintenance of steel pipe. It includes a wide range of charts, tables and diagrams on everything from service life guidelines to height of cover limits and other various tools to help specifiers and users.

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