storm sewer system

BNSF Intermodal Facility – 2015 Hall of Fame Project of the Year

By: Contech Engineered Solutions

In 1994, BNSF Railway built an impressive intermodal facility inRoanoke, Texas. The original construction involved approximately 13 rail lines in a large switching yard and included the installation of a storm sewer system running underneath the tracks and heavy intermodal container handling equipment.

Over 26,000 ft of Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2) spiral rib pipe, along with some additional helically corrugated culvert pipe was chosen in 18″ to 60″ diameter pipes with multiple barrel systems and crossings for the solution.

As part of an in-ground performance study of Aluminized Type 2 steel, engineers from Contech Engineered Solutions revisited the site to assess the condition and performance of the systems after 20 years of service.

Upon a visual and core sample inspection of the storm sewer and culvert systems, the system was found to be in excellent structural condition, the shape of the pipe was as round as the day it was installed and despite significant bed load, the ALT2 coating was performing extremely well with no indication of erosion or material degradation in the invert.

The enhanced abrasion resistance and durability of ALT2 is meeting expected service life requirements and giving every indication of exceeding a 75-year service life.


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