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CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year Winner: America Center Phase II

by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company

The Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company are the recipients of the 2017 Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) & Pipe Arch Project of the Year award for their work on the America Center Phase 2 project.

The CSP & Pipe award are given to outstanding projects from our members which demonstrate the versatility, durability, and strength of corrugated steel.

Engineers were challenged to create a product solution that would create foundational stability allowing a building and parking structure to be erected on an old landfill site.

In addition, they had to create a logistical solution to transport CSP in lengths ranging from 50’ through 87’.

600 tons of 12 gage galvanized steel was rolled into a 32” diameter with lengths ranging from 50’ to 87’.

All of the material was shipped in bundles of 9 pieces to the job site on a stretch flatbed truck.

We were able to keep the overall truck length under 104’ to avoid the need for permits and made deliveries around 2AM to minimize traffic issues in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

This material was used in a vertical application as a sleeve for 15” cement pilings to be installed. These pilings were required to be isolated from the trash in this old landfill site which is being re-purposed as an office park.  

The piles were driven through the CSP all the way to bedrock. The variable lengths were needed due to the varying depths of the bedrock at this site.

Once the caissons were placed, the bottom 15 feet were filled with concrete to establish a “plug”.

The space between the piling and the inner dimension of the pipe was left open as part of California’s earthquake protocol.

These pilings ultimately served as the basis of the foundation for the office complex and parking structure.

Ultimately, no logistical or installation issues were realized and the project was completed as planned.

For more information on this project contact Tim Hahn at or Mike McGough and  You can also visit the Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company at their website.

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