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Dallas County, IA – 2014 Corrugated Steel Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the Year

By: Metal Culverts, Inc

A landowner in Dallas County, Iowa, required access to his farmland but the existing bridge was beyond its useful life and no longer safe. Replacing this deteriorating bridge with a corrugated steel arch was the most cost effective & quickest route.

After talking with the Dallas County Road and Bridge Department, the landowner’s best option proved to be a 144″ diameter, 8 gage 3″x1″ corrugation galvanized riveted corrugated steel pipe.

The flowline length was 54 feet with a 3′ top and bottom step fabricated on 2:1 bevel cuts on both the inlet and outlet sides. The bevel cuts were fabricated using a common cut, creating no scrap.

The two sections of 17-ft long pipe were attached to a center 20-ft pipe with two 24″ wide annular connecting bands, creating a 54-ft structure.

The 7′ x 20′ curtain walls, provided in 10 gage, were shipped separately for the contractor to easily bolt on after the pipe was properly located.

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