deep corrugated structural plate

Deep Corrugated Structural Plate Offers Innovative Bridge Solutions


deep corrugated structural plateSoil Steel Bridges offer an innovative  approach with many benefits. These  bridge structures are ideal for grade  separations or hydraulic applications  and are less expensive and faster to install in most cases. There are two types of corrugation profiles available.

Lightweight While Supplying Superior Strength Deep Corrugated Structural Plate have larger annular corrugations than conventional structural plate (15-16″ pitch and 5.5-6″ depth) and provide nine times the stiffness. The lightweight, modular panels can be shipped easily and economically making it even more advantageous for remote locations. The Deep Corrugated Structural Plate profile permits construction of the largest, longest and widest spans in a variety of configurations. Spans can exceed 25 m (82′).

Easy Installation
Using Deep Corrugated Structural Plate can save time and money in installation. The panels require significantly fewer bolts than conventional structural plates and can be assembled adjacent to the job site, then moved into place using relatively light equipment. And, if the road needs to be widened later, Deep Corrugated Structural Plates allow for easy extension with additional panels.
deep corrugated structural plateEnvironmentally-Responsible
Most Deep Corrugated Structural Plate structures used for stream crossings are bottomless. These structure types, combined with lower-impact installation methods, virtually eliminate deliberate streambed interference.
Unlike conventional bridges, which frequently require substantial retrofits, properly-installed Deep Corrugated Structural Plate structures are relatively maintenance-free.
Once installed, Deep Corrugated Structural Plate structures become a naturally appealing structure. The geometry of the corrugations both softens and reduces the intrusiveness traditionally associated with man-made structures in natural environments.

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