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Electronic Design Manual Now Available


NCSPA Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual

The NCSPA Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual is now available as a free download on the NCSPA website. This is manual is the result of extensive review and update of products and methods that are currently in use within the industry. This manual places emphasis on the many applications of corrugated steel pipe drainage products, as well as special design considerations, rehabilitation and maintenance of corrugated steel pipe. It includes a wide range of charts, tables and diagrams on everything from service life guidelines to height of cover limits and other various tools to help specifiers and users.

Chapters include: Applications; Product Details and Fabrication; Hydrology; Hydraulic Design – Culverts; Hydraulic Design of Storm Sewers; Stormwater Management and Water Quality Design; Structured Design; Structural Design for Special Applications; Durability; Installation and Construction Procedures; Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost (VCC); and Inspection, Maintenance and Rehabilitation.

For more information, contact NCSPA Chief Engineer Mike McGough at To download a copy, click here.

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