pennsylvania turnpike corrugated steel structural plate culvert rehabilitation

PA Turnpike Reline – 2015 Rehabilitation Project of the Year

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc.

As part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike infrastructure in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, an 8-ft wide, 157-ft long concrete culvert, buried 25-ft below the roadway surface was in disrepair.

Additionally, a road widening project at this location necessitated the extension of the culvert at each end; a 50-ft extension at the inlet and a 55-ft extension at the outlet.

Trenchless methods were preferred to a costly and traffic-inconveniencing reconstruction, and no other construction material was suited to the task like corrugated steel structural plate.

The concrete structure was relined with 90-in plate arch in five pre-assembled sections that were slid into place, while the extensions at each end were of a round shape with continuity provided by concrete collar connections.

The culvert rehabilitation/extension structure provided by Lane Enterprises was completed in short order and the road widening suffered no delays while traffic continued undisturbed by the construction.

Originally published May 29,2015
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