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Polymer Coated CSP Provides Superior Service Life

polymer coated pipe

 polymer coated steel polymer coated csp

Have a tough drainage application where pipe service life is a concern? Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) made of Polymer Coated Steel is the answer. Polymer Coated Pipe has been proven to provide superior service life of up to 100 years and can be used in applications where soils and effluent have PH from 3 to 12 and any resistivity >100 This tough and durable polymer film is bonded over galvanized steel sheet prior to the corrugation and pipe forming processes, providing a product that will survive both the elements and the installation in the most challenging environments.

Polymer Coated CSP is a proven product with hundreds of successful installations over 36 years. It has been subjected to chemical resistance tests under ASTM A543 and A742 and has proven its chemical and corrosion resistance capability. Polymer Coated CSP is also proven in landfill applications such as methane recovery, combining its corrosion resistance with the flexible character and positive connections of corrugated steel pipe to stand up under heavy settling loads.

When the project calls for a pipe product that is light, strong, supremely durable, and corrosion resistant, Polymer Corrugated Steel Pipe is the answer. The members of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association can help with your product selection and specification needs. Just give us a call, or go for more information about the product and where to buy it. Polymer Coated CSP is the superior drainage product for your most demanding drainage applications.

To contact a local NCSPA member in your area, click on the Find a Member map for contact information.

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