Project Spotlight: Beaver Creek Arched Double Barrel

By: TrueNorth Steel

The scope of this project was replacement of an existing pipe crossing with a large diameter pipe pipe crossing larger corrugated metal pipe that won’t cause the roadway to be overtopped during high flow events. Additionally, the structure was designed to pass debris and survive these high flow events undamaged.

The combination of large diameter CSP and prefabricated metal headwalls installed by the county work crew provided the most economical solution for Emmons County, ND Road Department.

Project challenges included the construction of a large coffer dam, removal of the existing concrete structure with four 48” diameter pipes that proved to be insufficient and needed to be demolished. Looking for a solution to this seemingly never ending problem the Emmons County Highway Department with the guidance from TrueNorth Steel arrived at the solution. Remove the large diameter pipe pipe crossingincorrect culverts and replace them with the double 120″ diameter arched corrugated steel pipe headwall structure. The removal of the existing system, building the coffer dam and installing the 120″ double pipe headwall system took the county crew a week to complete. The new structure has a concrete road surface and the road was opened to traffic after being closed down for only two weeks. The road has not gone under water and the system has not had blockage caused from debris. The large diameter CSP have handled the water and debris flows as planned. This main school bus route is now passable at all times throughout the year and that hadn’t been the case for many previous years. The project has shown to be a complete success.

The Beaver Creek is a small tributary that is always flowing to the Missouri River. Fish and other aquatic life benefit from use of the larger arched pipes.

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