Project Spotlight: Douglas Wyoming Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation

By True North Steel

As the aging infrastructure impact all transportation types, corrugated steel pipe was a solution to the rehabilitation of this old railroad timber structure.corrugated steel pipe

Keeping the transportation running is the most important part of the rehab project. This crossing was not shut down any though the entire installation process.

The head and wing walls were designed to contain the backfill material and absorb some of the live and dead loads applied by heavy rail traffic.

The headwalls were terminated in the zone of influence to provide the railroad bridge replacement solution that was cost effect and manageable for their crews to install.

A triple barrel 108” diameter, galvanized coated, 10 gauge, 5” x 1” corrugated steel pipe was utilized to handle the hydraulics of the site.

bridge rehabilitation

Head and wing walls were added to contain the backfill material and carry the concentrated rail load and improve the hydraulic capacity.

The head and wing walls are grouted in to position up to the spring line elevation and engineered fill is placed up to the new rail road ties.

Corrugated steel pipe, head and wing walls are a great solution for any aging infrastructure.

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