creek restoration fish passage arch structure

Project Spotlight: Dry Creek Restoration Project Phase 2

By: Pacific Corrugated Pipe, Co.

In an effort to ensure that an existing creek bank and fish habitat could be restored, engineers in Healdsburg, CA temporarily diverted Dry Creek.

This diversion project consisted of 840’ of 96” arch and 2-96” arch elbows.  Double wide flat bands were used to connect the structure allowing the contractor, Hanford ARC, to couple two 20’ sections at a time and then move them with a crane into the ditch.  Working in this method resulted in an expedited installation process.  A sheet pile wall was installed to divert the flow through a sheet pile headwall and into the arch structure, de-watering the work area.  After completion of the restoration work, the arch structure was removed and the pipe re-sold by the contractor to local farmers and contractors further maximizing the investment.

For more information visit PCP at their website here.

creek restoration fish passage arch structure  creek restoration fish passage arch structure  creek restoration fish passage arch structure

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