large diameter pipe special application

Project Spotlight: Highway 4/Highway 160 Interchange

By: Pacific Corrugated Steel Pipe Co.


large diameter pipe special application

A bridge project in Antioch, CA needed a very special isolation casing that wasn’t typically available.  Engineers reached out to PCP for their help in designing this mammoth casing.

The project consisted of approximately 430’ of 168” 8g in lengths from 26’ to 66’ and approx. 200’ of 108” 10g in lengths from 19’ to 46’.  The pipe was carefully shipped to the jobsite on a stretch step-deck trailer and off loaded with a crane onsite.large diameter pipe special application

The holes were cement treated as they were being drilled to prevent the sandy soil from collapsing into the hole.

The large diameter pipe was then craned into the hole vertically and used as a form while slurry was applied around the outside of the pipe. The slurry application made the pipe a permanent part of the structure, housing  the rebar cage, electrical and drainage utilities.

large diameter pipe special application

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