structural plate arch deep corrugated plate short span bridge

Project Spotlight: Sonoma Verde

By: Big R Bridge

East of Dallas, Texas, off of I-30, lies the community of McLendon-Chisholm & Sonoma Verde.  These new housing developments were built to “ take the rich offerings of Tuscan style & place it within reach of every resident who wants to stop planning for ‘tomorrow’ and start living their dream today.”

structural plate arch deep corrugated plate short span bridge

Upon reviewing the plans for the housing community the developer’s choose to go with a structural plate arch over traditional TXDOT concrete alternatives.  By going with the deep structural plate arch, a major stream crossing was able to be reached which resulted in a aesthetic focal point for the community.  This slice of nature allowed the development to be even more ‘today’ than ‘tomorrow’ – despite a winter construction window.

Big R Bridge’s Mansfield, TX plant was able to produce the 120 feet of total bridge span in less than three weeks. The weather for December was a challenge, but the structural plate arch system was able to be installed during conditions that wouldn’t be suitable for typical concrete bridge construction. Footings were ready in a week’s time and the structural plate arch structures were fully built within two weeks, ready for backfilling and headwall construction.

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