rainwater storage retention systems

Retention/Detention Project of the Year 2018 Winner: French Valley Self Storage

By: Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co.

rainwater storage retention systems

Pacific Corrugated Pipe was given the opportunity to value engineer and aid in designing one of the largest rainwater storage retention systems ever installed in the Murrieta, CA area and furnished from their facility. This massive 122-ton project was created to capture 270,251 cf of rainwater storage in a single retention system.  The contractor required an aggressive timeline and supplied Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. with a purchase order on August 18th with a final ship date of October 18th.

rainwater storage retention systems

This new detention system utilized over 20 long runs that required several large elbows, stubs and tees to complete the system.  The logistics of supplying the pipe to the project required 60 flatbed truck deliveries.  In the end over 3,800 lineal feet of 96” 5×1 Perforated 16 gage corrugated steel pipe, massive fittings & bands were delivered in their completion within 18 working days from start to finish.

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