half round csp

Smith Ford Crossing – 2015 Corrugated Steel Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the Year

By:  Pacific Corrugated Pipe

This half round CSP structure, with its own footing plates, was designed by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. for bridging small streams on a temporary basis.

This rugged structure, with an I-Beam spine, 24″ wide by ½” thick footing plates, and five A-frame braces, is designed to withstand the rigors inherent in repeated reinstallation and removal.

The integral footings can rest directly on bedrock, or the structure can be used on a smaller crossing where the footings will be distributing loading to the stream banks.

The installation was done under the auspices of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

The advantage of this type of structure is that a temporary stream crossing can be constructed without excavating the stream bed to place a traditional culvert. When there is no longer a need for a crossing, the structure is lifted out of the stream and re-used elsewhere.

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 originally published May 29, 2015

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