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Structural Plate Offers Economical Solution to Bridge Replacement

Replacing or rehabilitating bridge structures can quickly consume your road budget. Corrugated steel structural plate can help relieve that concern. Structural plate can clear spans from 5’ up to 72’ and allow for many bridges at grade crossings to be converted into more economical buried structures. These structures often utilize shallow foundations, locally available backfill materials and local construction crews. Manufacturing capabilities allow structures to be fabricated and delivered within just weeks as opposed to months, thus making this the structure product of choice for emergency bridge repairs.

Steel structural plate is manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each structure designed to meet a project’s specific needs. With this flexibility, structural plate is an ideal solution for reline and rehabilitation projects. Through the use of these corrugated structures, it is often possible to salvage your failing bridges and restore structural and/or hydraulic capacity without road closures, safety problems or the disruption that accompanies full bridge replacement.

Structural plate is delivered to the job site unassembled and the plates are then easily bolted together to form various shapes: round, vertical and horizontal ellipse, pipe-arch, underpass and arch. Bridges and large culverts can be relined by erecting plate structures inside existing structures, or the new plate structure can be erected outside and threaded into existing openings.

With 80 years of experience, corrugated steel structural plate has proven to provide unparalleled versatility, superior durability, high load-carrying capacity and an easy and fast installation. The long history has also established structural plate as one of the most accepted products by DOTs across the country.

For more information on corrugated steel structural plate, check out the NCSPA’s Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual, take advantage of our Answer Desk (staffed by a professional engineer) or contact a local NCSPA member in your area.

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