TechNote #205 – Method of Water Testing for Appropriate Coating Selection of Corrugated Steel Pipe

Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) has been used successfully for storm sewers and culverts since 1896.  This success can be attributed to the fact that CSP is structurally strong and is an economical solution due to low material and installation costs.  Corrugated steel pipe is available with a wide variety of protective coatings that have proven to meet the requirements of demanding environments. No matter the location or application, CSP has a coating to meet the needs of the situation. This provides the engineer or contractor an end result in optimum service life for the structure at the lowest cost. Service Life exceeding 100 years can be obtained using the proper coating, specific to location and application.

Our newest TechNote goes into more detail regarding the method of water testing to select the appropriate coating selection of corrugated steel pipe.  Click HERE to download TechNote #205.

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