University of West Georgia stormwater reuse cisterns

University of West Georgia Cisterns – 2013 Retention/Detention Project of the Year

By: Southeast Culvert

Federal regulations and prolonged drought in Georgia have forced engineers and specifiers to become creative in storage and reuse of rainwater.

The University of West Georgia has expanded rapidly during the last several years and has asked design engineers to be resourceful when creating plans for their new developments.

The university recently built new student housing with expansive green space and instead of using municipal water sources for irrigation, it requested a cistern to store water from the roof drainage system.

A three-tank system using 96-inch Aluminized Type 2 CSP was designed and the cost of the CSP system was far below comparable products.

The watertight cisterns were manufactured by Southeast Culvert Inc. and accomplished the goal of total water retention.

The tanks were run on long 50-foot sections and bulkheads were welded to each end. The pipe for the tanks was custom made to achieve the leak-resistant tanks.

The cisterns will be a long-term positive for the university as it can save money on water for irrigation through stormwater reuse.

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