Facts On CSP

Corrugated Steel Pipe is a highly reliable, highly recyclable and cost effective material.  Here are a few CSP facts to help you with your next project.corrugated steel pipe facts csp facts

  • CSP can provide a reliable, predictable service life of 100+ years
  • CSP structures offer great strength and handle steep slope applications
  • CSP is flexible and forgiving during installation
  • CSP is the greenest drainage material out there:
    • High recycled content while maintaining material grade and performance integrity
    • Able to earn LEED points
    • Saves energy on installation
    • Reduces wear and tear on the nation’s infrastructure
  • CSP provides the highest quality assurance through its 100% traceability back to the raw materials
  • CSP is the most cost-effective drainage solution on the market:
    • Cheaper materials costs during initial and maintenance/rehabilitation
    • Less labor and machinery to install
    • Easier and cheaper to ship
    • Less wear and tear on infrastructure