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Qualification of Active and Associate Members

Any domestic corporation, partnership or proprietorship engaged in the business of fabricating steel drainage structures or producing, coating or enhancing and selling material used in the corrugated steel drainage industry shall be eligible for membership in the Association in one or more of the membership classifications provided for herein. A corporation, partnership or proprietorship shall be deemed domestic if it has a plant or plants located in the United States of America, its territories or possessions, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Active Members

  • Class I – Fabricators of corrugated steel drainage structures.
  • Class II – Fabricators of corrugated steel structural plate drainage structures.
  • Class III – Sheet, strip and plate producers and vendors who may also coat or otherwise enhance their products and sell those products to fabricators or steel processors.

Associate Members

  • Class IV – Dealers and distributors of corrugated steel drainage structures.
  • Class V – Those firms who coat or otherwise enhance sheet, strip or plate products and sell those products to vendors, or who provide processing and distribution services to Class III members.
  • Class Vl – Suppliers of allied materials, services or equipment (other than suppliers of sheet, strip or plate products) used by fabricators of drainage structures.

Affiliate Members

Any non-domestic fabricator of corrugated steel drainage structures or fabricator of steel structural plate drainage structures shall be eligible for membership in the Association as an Affiliate Member.

For a membership application and more information, please contact Raquel Navarrette.

Top Ten Reasons to be a member of the NCSPA

  1. Networking Forum with other industry representatives
    · Where else can you meet with all of your peers from around the country?
  2. Technical resource
    · Who else can you call when you need information on CSP?
  3. Representation with specifying agencies
    · Who are they going to call when they need information on CSP? AASHTO, ASTM, AREMA, Materials, Bridge
  4. Specification promotion to DOT’s
    · Who are they going to call when they need information on CSP? AASHTO Regional Initiatives, Individual states, counties, cities, municipalities
  5. Marketing to engineers and specifiers
    · Who promotes the voice of the industry? Eblasts,
  6. Dissemination of product information and problem solutions
    · Who puts out more information on CSP?
  7. Research Initiatives
  8. Sales and Production seminars
    · Who else educates the entire industry on current production methods and sales techniques?
  9. Updates on relevant industry issues.
    · Where do you look for the latest in industry information? Transportation Updates
  10. Because we are all great people!!!!