2021 Project of the Year Winner – Special Application: Neonteikhos Ancient City Road Bridge

By: Viacon Turkey

The route of Menemen‐Aliağa‐Çandarlı Highway intersects with the ancient road of the Neonteikhos Ancient City. In order to protect the ancient road, a bridge was designed with the help of ViaCon Corrugated Steel construction systems.  The locations of each of the stones that made up the ancient road were individually numbered and recorded.  Once the new bridge was ready to be installed, each stone was removed from it’s location and put into storage.  After installation of the new deep corrugated steel plate bridge was completed, each stone from the ancient road was placed back in its original place to once again complete the historic roadway.

S420 grade steel was used in the construction of the bridge. The plate thickness was determined to be 8 mm main structure + 8 mm rib structure. In order to reduce the moments affecting the structure, the filler was strengthened by applying steel mesh inside the filler.  Every piece of the new buried bridge structure was produced and installed in Turkey. A total of 644 tons of steel was used for this amazing bridge structure.

– Live Load acc. to EN 1991,
– Cover depth: 0.90‐5.50 m,
– Backfilling parameters: aggregate compacted to 95% standard Proctor density (γ = 19,5 kN/m3),
– Seismic effect: taken into account in calculation peak ground acceleration ratio A0=0,81
– Durability: 100 years,
– Corrosion protection layers: zinc coating of thickness conforming EN ISO 1461 standard, internal the surface of the structure painted with polyurethane paint of thickness 80 μm.