CSP: Providing Recharge / Water Quality, Smaller Footprints and Lowered Costs

perforated corrugated steel pipe water detentionsHave you ever heard the saying “less is more?” Well, corrugated steel pipe (CSP) manufacturers have taken this thought and run with it. In the current environmentally conscious, LEED driven design atmosphere, engineers are searching for effective and cost efficient ways to control storm water. Recharge and innovative water quality methods have become the new fad. Of course, this creates a new niche for salesmen trying to re-create the wheel, but let’s not forget old faithful that has proven itself for over 100 years … corrugated steel pipe. Perforated detention systems have been utilized for decades by engineers for the benefit of their customers providing recharge / water quality, smaller footprints, and lowering costs.

corrugated steel pipe water detentionThe Earth is the best water filter around, and it’s been that way for billions of years, so why not employ that in storm water design? By using perforated CSP detentions, captured storm water is allowed to infiltrate back into the soil, which removes sediments, trash, and hydrocarbons that would have otherwise ended up in our streams and rivers. This also helps to replenish the ground water table which is adversely affected through development activities. A resourceful design engineer can also employ the flexibility of CSP fabrication with a few well-placed weirs inside the detention that isolate the water quality volume, making future maintenance and cleaning a much easier process. Let’s not forget the proven structural capability of CSP detentions. There are no bells and whistles here, just a design methodology that has established itself by demonstrated performance.

corrugated steel pipe water detentionWater quality is an honorable goal, but let’s discuss what most people are concerned with these days … MONEY! Utilizing CSP detentions drastically reduces the footprint required for storm water storage because 30% to 40% of the stone volume surrounding the system is considered as storage within the stone voids. This reduces required excavation and labor. CSP also offers a wide range of diameters, typically up to 144 inch, permitting the design engineer to choose the pipe that best fits the job site and allowing for choice of footprint size. Why excavate an entire job site attempting to use limited, “one-size fits all” recharge detention products when perforated CSP offers so much flexibility and options?

corrugated steel pipe water qualityEvery developer wants options and perforated CSP offers that. Why?It is not a proprietary product. There are many CSP manufacturers across the country competing in the market place, ultimately providing the best product at the best value.No one’s hands are tied by having to purchase from a single manufacturer who can choose what they would like to charge for that product on that day. CSP allows good old free market American capitalism to work. The only down-side is attempting to sift through all of the available design options that CSP detentions offer.



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