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Project Spotlight: 72 Milton

By: Southeast Culvert

low infiltration cisterns underground detentionThis project is the perfect project to show the versatility of CSP products.  Located in the metro district of Atlanta, this multi-family residential development contained a variety of extremes of use.  The first challenge was the site itself.  The chosen location had a very low infiltration rate so reduced runoff was not an option to meet green infrastructure requirements.  In order to meet LID standards, Southeast Culvert fabricated (6) 120″ cisterns totaling 27,488 low infiltration cisterns underground detentioncf.  The cisterns were designed to accept roof drainage and be used for irrigation of the site.  A 96″ and a 60″ underground detention system was also produced to assist with runoff.  Each pipe was constructed from perforated CSP due to the stone void space needed for storage with the understanding that  infiltration would be minimal.  And finally, spiral rib pipe was used for conveyance in lieu of the reinforced concrete pipe that is typically used in Atlanta. This project is currently still ongoing as of July 2020 due to Atlanta’s post Civil War masonry sewer systems that have had to be very carefully relocated and tapped into without damaging the historical networks under the city.