Project Spotlight: Aeon Crest II

By: TrueNorth Steel

In June of 2022, Park Construction was in the process of building an expansion on a new apartment building in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. During this project, they needed pipes for the underground stormwater detention system. Originally, the project was specified with a high-density polyethylene system, but the contractors ultimately decided to change materials. TrueNorth Steel was able to value-engineer an Aluminized-T2 corrugated steel pipe system, which provided a more economical solution when considering the overall constructed costs.

This large system incorporated eight manifolds in a contiguous layout. Unfortunately, the space available to implement this system was relatively small, which created an obstacle that the project needed to overcome in order to be successful. This complexity necessitated extremely accurate fabrication to guarantee success for the product once completely installed.

To further complicate the situation, the residents of the original apartment building still needed space to park their vehicles during the construction phase of the project. This led to a lack of storage space available to stockpile materials on-site. TrueNorth Steel was able to provide all of the pieces needed for the project’s completion on schedule and in a way that didn’t disrupt the apartment residents’ parking by closely coordinating with the contractors.