Project Spotlight: Al Ain Bicycle Underpass

By: ViaCon ME


Located on the Al Bateen Track in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, future road construction and intersections called for the creation of a bicycle passage.  Originally designed as a twin box concrete passage, officials decided that the use of corrugated steel would provide a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solution.  After researching multiple options, it was decided that a combination of reinforced concrete foundations and zinc plated corrugated steel plate arch was the most economical and quickest option.

After completion of the foundations, construction of the steel archway was completed in only 5 days.  Engineering backfill and road backfill was finished with a beveled slope at the inlets and outlets of the passage.  The thickness of soil cover depth was between 0,70m-0,90m from the crown of the structure with the structure being designed for HL93*1,5 load model according to AASHTO.