Project Spotlight: Bitter Creek Western Railroad

By: Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co.

The design of this extra special project required the engineering team at PCP to create a train tunnel designed and constructed out of CSP.  While there are currently 4 different tunnels located at Bitter Creek Railroad this track was the first type designed and built with corrugated steel pipe!

The pipe was installed in a location containing sugary sand so a constant re-excavation of material to accommodate the trend installation was required.  A CAD design was used to ensure proper clearances and cuts.  Finally, polyurethane spray foam was applied to joints and then wrapped with a woven mono-filament fabric to maximize the seal.

rail 7
rail 5_compressed
rail 4_compressed
rail 3_20190104104434456_compressed
rail 2_20190104104434369_compressed
rail 1_20190104104434282_compressed