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Project Spotlight: Pat Milliken Ford Dealership

By: Contech Engineered Solutions

The Pat Millikan Ford Dealership had outgrown its current property and needed more space, so they expended onto a former church property that was adjacent to their site.

underground detention system Aluminized Steel Type 2 hydrodynamic separatorLocal stormwater regulations call for water quantity and quality control. To meet the quantity requirements engineers specified an underground detention system made from 5,297 LF of 60” diameter Aluminized Steel Type 2 that provides over 100,000 CF of storage. To meet the quality requirements a hydrodynamic separator was specified.

The site consisted of sand materials over impervious tight clay with no infiltration into the subgrade. The use of solid Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) allowed flexibility in using some of the suitable on-site backfill materials which was a cost-effective solution versus importing expensive off-site aggregate.

Contech provided design details, structural calculations, and installation estimates to help the engineer prepare accu underground detention system Aluminized Steel Type 2 hydrodynamic separatorrate plans and specifications that were used in the design and approval phase with the regulatory agencies. Contech also assisted with coordinating the material delivery with the contractor to allow for staged construction and ongoing operation of the facility.

Contech reduced the cost of the system to meet financial requirements, provided a reliable system with ease of installation, and supported the contractors throughout the entire installation process. “We are pleased with the effort that Contech assisted with the design and support during installation,” said Scott Schumacher, Director of Engineering, GLA Surveyors and Engineers. “The project was successful from a schedule and overall budget aspect. We appreciate the efforts that Contech had with this project.”