Project Spotlight: Salem and South Fields Irrigation Canal Enclosure

By: Contech Engineered Solutions

Located in Spanish Fork, Utah are six principle diversions from the Spanish Fork River. They are known locally as East Bench Canal, Salem Canal, Malcolm Ditch,Mill Race, South Field Canal, and Lake Shore Canal. These canals are owned and operated by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) whose primary responsibility is to deliver clean, usable water to the local communities.

irrigation canal stormwater management

Not only are these canals used to collect water, but they also provide an invaluable resource for irrigation to the local farming communities. Both the soil and climate in Utah are ideal for raising fruits, vegetables, grain, sugar beets and more. These canals are integral not only to the sustenance of the entire state but nationally.

Therefore, it is imperative that these canals be maintained to ensure that they are an effective means of irrigation. The South Field Canal is responsible for 3,500 acres while the Salem Canal handles an additional 2,200 acres of land. To increase the efficiencies of these two canals as diversion channels, the CUWCD decided to have them enclosed. With assistance from Jacobsen Construction Co., Inc., a bid was issued to determine that best method and product to use for this enhancement.

Ultimately, the contract was awarded to WW Clyde who collaborated with the local Contech Engineered Solutions team. They determined that the most ideal solution for this project would be a polymer-coated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) canal enclosure that would provide both cost-benefits as well as installed efficiencies and meet the required service life desired. Due to some unforeseen design changes, Contech was able to quickly modify existing plans to include an elbow to account for the discrepancy. Over 1,550 LF of 96-inch 14 GA polymer-coated pipe irrigation canal stormwater management was installed. The 25’ lengths offered a much faster installation with fewer to joints for a quick and effective resolution.

The senior project manager at W.W. Clyde, Randy Ling wall, provided some additional comments. “WW Clyde, a heavy civil contractor in the Mountain West teamed with Contech for the fabrication of 1,560 feet of 96-inch polymer coated Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP). The CMP was installed as a canal replacement. During the installation of the pipe it was discovered the designed did not fit the actual canal. Contech was able to quickly modify an existing straight pipe and turn it into an elbow. Contech was able to provide the required pipe as needed, and the quality was, as usual, top tier.”