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Project Spotlight: Szybownikow Street Retention Tank

By: ViaCon Polska

This project covers the construction of a retention tank incorporated into a storm water system in Szybownikow Street in Leszno in Western Poland.  The tank itself was located in a car-free green zone, where no vehicles are allowed.

Project planning wanted to ensure that the excess water carried out from Szybowników Street would be collected by a tank and slowly directed to a nearby ditch.  To build the tank four HelCor pipes with the diameter of 2500 mm and total length of 244.8 m were used. The individual pipes were connected to each other with 1200 mm stubs.  The total capacity of the tank is 1200m3.  In order to protect of the tank against the vertical movement/jump out by hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater, 72 pieces of anchors were attached to the tank.

Technical parameters:
– total capacity: 1200 m3
– diameter: 2500 mm
– 4 pipes arranged in parallel, each 61.20 m long
– 72 pieces of 148mm-wide anchor strips

The assembly was successively carried out within in 4 days in parallel with the deliveries of incoming elements. Then the anchoring process took two more days to end up in October 13th, 2020.  As a result, in the terms of capacity, one of the largest CSP retention tanks projects was completed.  The customer’s trust in our technology and long-term cooperation with Strabag on many investments allowed us to implement an ambitious project in the immediate vicinity of our production plant.