Material Description and Specifications

This is a reference for specifications covering the different corrugated steel pipe material types.

Material description and specifications
Zinc Coated
Sheets & Coils
Steel base metal* with 2 oz per ft2 zinc coating M-218 A929M
Polymer Coated
Sheets and Coils
Polymer coatings applied to sheets* and coils* , 0,010 in. both sides M-246 A742M
Aluminum Coated
Coils – Type 2
Steel base metal* coated with 1 ox. per ft2 of pure aluminum M-274 A929M
Sewer and
Drainage Pipe
Corrugated pipe fabricated from any of the above sheets of coils.
Pipe is fabricated by corrugating continious coils into helical form with lock seam or welded seam, or by rolling annular corrugated mill sheets and riveting or spot welding seams:
1. Galvanized corrugated steel pipe
2. Polymeric pre-coated sewer and drainage pipe
3. Aluminized Type 2 corrugated steel pipe
4. Structual plate pipe
M-36 A760M
M-245 A762M
M-274 A760M
M-167 A761M
Ashalt Coated
Steel Sewer Pipe
Corrugated steel pipe of any of the types shown above with a
0.050 in. asphalt coating
M-190 A849
Invert Paved
Seel Sewer Pipe
Corrugated steel pipe of any one of the types shown above;
a. Ashalt coated pipe with 0.050 in. ashpalt coating and
pavement poured in the invert to cover the currgation by 1.8 in.
b. With a field applied 3 in. (3250 psi) concrete invert or 1 1/2 in.
high strength (9600 psi) concrete invert.
C. With polymer material applied 0.050 in. above the crest in the invert.
M-190 A849



Fully Lined Steel
Sewer Pipe
Corrugated steel pipe of the types shown above:
a. With an internal asphalt lining centrifugally spun in place.
b. With an internal concrete lining in place.
c. Corrugated steel pipe with a smooth steel liner integrally formed
with the corrugated shell or.
d. Corrugated steel pipe with a single thickness of smooth
sheet fabricated with helical ribs porjected outward or.
e. With concrete pavement and linings installed in the field.
M-190 A849
M-36 A760M-36 A760


Cold Applied
Mastic or coal tar base coating of various viscosities for field
or sho coating of corrugated pipe or structural plate.
M-243 A849
Gaskets and
1. Standard O-ring gaskets
2. Sponge neonprene sleeve gaskets
3. Gasketing strips, butyl or nioprene
4. Mastic sealant
* yield point -33 ksi min; tensile strength -45 ksi min.; elongation (2in.) -20%