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Water Quality System Calculator

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System Specifications

*Feet cannot be bigger than inches
Inlet Elevation*

(ft & in)

Outlet or Infiltration Bed Elevation*

(ft & in)

Type of System (Detention or Retention)

Void = Void Ratio


V(det) = Volume required for detention


Controlling Dimensions for System Layout

L(trench) = Trench Length


Nheader = Number of Headers

t = Bedding Thickness


d = Distance of trench sidewall (1.5’ typical)



Maximum Pipe Diameter

*System size could be increased by size of inlet pipe
Dmax = Inlet Elevation - Outlet Elevation




Use Diameter - (OD)


SC = Storage Capacity


s = Center to Center Pipe Spacing


s(pipe) = Spacing Between Pipes


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