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2024 Project of the Year – Special Application: Railway Line Rehabilitation

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By: ViaCon Turkey

Earthquake Repair Railway Repair
Earthquake Ravages Essential Turkish Railways

In 2023, a devastating earthquake struck eastern Turkey, crippling vital railway lines essential to the region’s economy. The urgent need for earthquake repairs led to the selection of ViaCon Turkey to restore damaged culverts, bridges, and tunnels across four railway lines. The project faced significant challenges due to the region’s diverse terrain and the demand for rapid solutions to revive the local economy.

Innovative Tunnel Repair on a Fault Line
Earthquake Repair Railway Repair

One major challenge involved a severely damaged 3,608-foot section of a 6.8-mile tunnel located on a fault line. ViaCon Turkey devised an innovative solution: reinforcing the area with a Multiplate structure. This approach expedited the earthquake repairs, completing them in just 65 days compared to the estimated two years a traditional concrete repair would have taken. The assembly team worked tirelessly within the tunnel’s confines, installing an impressive 52 feet of structure each day.

Rockfall Prevention for Mountainous Railways

Another line, winding through the mountains, became impassable due to earthquake-triggered rockfalls. ViaCon addressed this by renewing the entire line and securing it with 6,890 feet of corrugated steel tunnels, chosen for their suitability to the challenging terrain and the project’s urgent timeline.

Earthquake Repair Railway Repair
Protecting Pipelines and Culverts

In a separate location, a pipeline under a railway line required additional protection. ViaCon built a steel bridge to shield the pipeline and added a hydraulic culvert for a nearby stream. The project also modernized 75 damaged culverts and bridges using Multiplate steel culverts and steel pipes for efficient and effective repairs.

ViaCon’s Solutions: Fast, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

ViaCon’s solutions offered several key advantages. Their ease of assembly simplified the earthquake repair construction in challenging locations, while minimal disruption to tunnel cross-sections provided an optimal reinforcement approach. Pre-assembled plates enabled rapid installation, cutting construction time by up to 80%. Cost-effectiveness, with potential savings of up to 20% compared to reinforced concrete, further highlighted the value of these solutions. Additionally, ViaCon’s approach proved to be the most environmentally friendly option, aligning with sustainability goals. In conclusion, ViaCon’s innovative and efficient solutions played a crucial role in the swift restoration of Turkey’s vital railway network after the devastating earthquake.

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