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2024 Project of the year – Structural Plate/Buried Bridge: Eureka Quarry Conveyor Tunnel

NCSPA » NCSPA E-News » 2024 Project of the year – Structural Plate/Buried Bridge: Eureka Quarry Conveyor Tunnel

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc

quarry conveyor tunnel Chalfont Quarry Expansion
Eureka Stone Quarry Strikes Gold

Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc., a leading Pennsylvania-based aggregate producer, proudly unveils its recently completed expansion project at the Chalfont quarry. This ambitious undertaking not only showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and efficiency but also reinforces its commitment to meeting the ever-growing demand for high-quality stone products across the region. Moreover, the quarry conveyor tunnel expansion serves as a testament to Eureka’s unwavering focus on sustainable growth and its position as a key player in the industry.

Pennsylvania’s Rock Solid Provider

With eight quarries across Pennsylvania, Eureka has consistently supplied millions of tons of stone to customers throughout the region. In particular, their Chalfont quarry, the site of the award-winning project, has been a key supplier for Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey. Recognizing the need for increased capacity, Eureka embarked on an ambitious expansion project at Chalfont.

Innovative Expansion for Increased Capacity

Recognizing the escalating demand for its products, Eureka embarked on a significant expansion at the Chalfont quarry. This expansion was no small undertaking. To accommodate the increased output, Eureka constructed a massive 500-foot long, 13’6″ diameter quarry conveyor tunnel. Notably, this tunnel, made of durable steel structural plates, features multiple hopper openings specifically designed to handle towering piles of stone reaching up to 80 feet in height.

A Tunnel of Engineering Excellence
quarry conveyor tunnel Chalfont Quarry Expansion

Furthermore, the quarry conveyor tunnel stands as a testament to Eureka’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. It boasts eight generously sized hopper openings, a large saddle tee, and nearly 200 feet of heavy-duty galvanized pipe. Consequently, this carefully engineered system ensures the seamless and efficient transport of vast quantities of stone, maximizing the quarry’s output potential.

Reinforcing Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency were top priorities in the design and construction of the quarry conveyor tunnel. To ensure optimal performance under heavy loads, each hopper opening was reinforced with robust frames. This attention to detail demonstrates Eureka’s dedication to building reliable and durable infrastructure.

Expert Construction with Minimal Equipment

The quarry conveyor tunnel project started in June 2023 and was completed just 14 weeks later by a skilled team from Lane. Remarkably, the only heavy equipment used for installation was a versatile telehandler, showcasing the team’s exceptional efficiency and resourcefulness. In short, the Chalfont quarry expansion project stands as a testament to Eureka’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the demands of the ever-evolving construction industry.

Watch the Project Video Here

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