Slotted Drain Pipe

Slotted Drain Pipe is a practical, aesthetically pleasing drainage inlet product for the efficient removal of surface water and sheet flow on streets and highways. It also is widely used in parking lots and similar locations to remove sheet flow without complex multiple grades, catch basins, or water channeling devices.


Slotted Drain Pipe is fabricated by welding a narrow section of grating in a continuous slot cut in the top of a corrugated steel pipe. A trapezoidal or straight-sided grate with reinforcing spacer plates is welded in place to form a 1 3/4″-wide slot opening which collects runoff and channels it to the pipe below to form a continuous grate inlet.


The benefits of slotted drain pipe include:

  • Efficiently removes surface water
  • Design improves hydraulic efficiency and provides for easier maintenance
  • Wide variety of applications
    • Curb inlets
    • Airport aprons, taxiways, hangars and de-icing areas
    • Railroad and intermodal facilities with heavy axle loads
    • Shoulder and median barrier drains
    • Inlet system across driveways
    • Pedestrian thoroughfares, malls and bicycle paths
    • Ground-level floors with drainage requirements
    • Parking lots and other continuous paved surfaces
    • Sidelines of playing fields and stadiums