Support American Steel

The NCSPA is proud to support 100% Made In America Steel! 

We support the working class citizen!
One American job is created for every 45 tons of structural steel produced, fabricated, and erected in the United States.  Our friends at the AISC estimates that the volume of U.S. shipments of fabricated structural steel in 2017 was approximately 3.5 million tons. That’s a total of nearly 80,000 jobs!

We support sustainability!
Nearly all American structural steel (98%) is captured at the end of its life and recycled into new American steel products.  Our member mills melt these scraps down to create steel coils which are then used to create the corrugated steel pipes & plates used all around the country.  The industry average for recycled content in domestic structural steel is over 90%, the highest of any building framing material.  With American steel you know that you are getting a quality product that will last for decades to come!