structural plate arch century boulevard

Century Boulevard – 2014 Structural Plate Project of the Year

By: Lane Enterprises

In July 2013, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation began construction of an extension to Century Boulevard in Germantown, Maryland.

As part of the road extension, a bridge was needed to span a tributary of Little Seneca Creek. To facilitate the crossing, the engineering consultant specified a steel structural plate arch culvert.

The 41′- 4″ by 11′ – 9″ low profile structural plate arch provided by Lane Enterprises, Inc. includes continuous longitudinal stiffeners, W18x8 ring beams for reinforcing ribs, concrete headwalls to support severe skews, and 14-ft wide concrete footers on each side of the arch.

With 4-ft of cover on one side and 12-ft on the other, the structural plate arch culvert is designed to safely withstand highway truck loading and design railway loads.

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