steel structural plate

Coalfields Expressway – 2013 Structural Plate Project of the Year

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc

As part of the West Virginia $23.4 million, 2.02-mile, Coalfields Expressway phased construction, corridor improvements to mitigate no-passing zones and to alleviate steep grades required filling a ravine.  Providing ample drainage along the bottom of that ravine called for sizable pipe buried as much as 165 feet deep. The solution was found in the strengths and sizes available with CSP, in this case steel structural plate (SSP).

Under the circumstances, SSP became the only viable option and subsequently was incorporated into the West Virginia Departmentof Transportation (WVDOT) project specifications.

The 863-foot long 96″diameter structure included 490 – 3/8″ thick plates, altogether weighing more than 250 tons.  Directional changes in the alignment were facilitated with structural plate elbows.

The ability to incorporate elbows into the alignment eliminated the need for manholes, deep shafts, or other costly alternatives, and at the same time provided structural continuity to the enclosure.

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