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Pembina County Extension – 2016 DOT Project of the Year Winner

By: TrueNorth Steel

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has been busy with this crossing on I-29 at the Canadian border in Pembina County. The versatility of corrugated steel structural plate pipe at this US / Canadian border crossing station has allowed continued expansion to meet growing traffic needs.

The initial installation was performed in 1968, and the first extension was completed in 1996 followed by another extension in 2013. As traffic patterns continue to increase, the DOT is looking at another extension in the next couple of years.

This crossing is comprised of a 6″ X 2″ corrugation structural plate pipe with a 16′-7″ span 10′-1″ rise. A paved invert was utilized to provide additional service life and the original beveled end was able to be re-used at the end of the structure once the extension pipe was constructed – further saving time and cost.

The contractor, Naastad Brothers, was pleased with how the new plate sections fit together with the existing plate. Controlled density fill was placed under the haunches for support before final backfill.

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