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Project Spotlight: Mike’s Creek Crossing

By: TrueNorth Steel

After several peak storm events washed out a section of a North Dakota Badlands Forrest Service access road, the Forrest Service teamed up with Kadrmas Lee Jackson’s engineers and Hlebechuk Construction to make some very quick repairs.

Because of the high flow volume of water that this area received, KLJ sized the crossing to receive a 144” arch pipe measuring 171”x110”x5” x 1” corrugation with a corrugated steel headwall system incorporated into the design.  The addition of the corrugated steel headwall system reduced the potential for water migrating past the outside of the pipe – dropping the chances of the backfill materials being washed downstream.

structural plate pipe large diameter structural plate pipe

Hlebechuk Construction was very familiar with the CSP installation and did an excellent job with the construction of this project.  Every detail of the install, from the subgrade and bedding to the packing under the haunches and throughout all levels, was done with the upmost care to ensure the large arch pipe was thoroughly supported.

For more information about this project visit TNS at their website here.