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Project Spotlight: Butler County SW Haverhill Road

By: J & J Drainage

Butler County Public Works Dept. needed to replace a deteriorated structure consisting of reinforced concrete walls and a steel fabricated deck.  They were concerned about the delivery and installation time and the expense of the reinforced concrete box which they were considering.  The project had a height constraint which would not allow the use of a large diameter round corrugated steel culvert.  The waterway also was not wide enough to allow the use of standard steel flared end sections on the culverts which could be used to decrease erosion and enhance the hydraulic flow of the culverts.

The engineer from the Butler County Public Works Dept. visited with staff at J&J Drainage Products Co. about installing two 64”X43” X 34 foot 12 Gauge Arched culverts at that location.  It seemed like a quick, cost-effective solution that would accommodate the some times large flow of water passing through the structure.  However, the county engineer had concerns about erosion both between and around the twin culverts.

J&J Drainage personnel suggested installing a custom double 64”X43” steel flared end section on the inlet and outlet of the side by side culverts to help prevent erosion and to assist in channeling the water through the structure.

Butler Co Public Works chose to install two 64”X43” arched culverts, 34 foot in length.  They were manufactured from 12 Gauge Aluminized Type 2, 2-2/3”x1/2” corrugated material and the end sections were manufactured from 12 Gauge Aluminized Type 2 material to meet the KDOT standard material specification.  All product was manufactured at the J&J plant it Hutchinson, KS. The Aluminized Type 2 double end sections were fabricated with a 3 foot spacing between the culverts to fit in the narrow existing waterway.  Butler County crews finished the project with riprap to further protect the end slopes of the entrance road.

The Butler County Public Works Dept. was pleased with the ease of installation as well as the savings of time and money by using twin arched culverts and double end sections for this project.