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Project Spotlight: Dollar General Plate Arch

By: Lane Enterprises, Inc

Corrugated Steel Plate Arch value engineered

“Save Time, Save Money, Everyday” is the apt slogan for Dollar General, one of the more popular dollar stores that are seemingly being built everywhere today, and this slogan is even more fitting for the steel structural plate arch that was recently installed at the new Dollar General Store located at the corner of North Diamond Street and High Street in Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania.

The savings of time and money was realized as the installation contractor was able to successfully propose a value engineered alternate to the 7’-0” x 3’-6” reinforced concrete box culvert specified on the construction plans.

Having bid the concrete structure knowing how long the installation would steel structural plate arch value engineeringtake, the contractor was in a good position to foresee that a substantial savings could be realized when the alternate was initially prospected.

The 9’-0” x 3’-10½” single- radius steel structural plate arch was assembled by the contractor and installed in two days, one day less than originally anticipated. The steel structure was complete with a full invert and plate headwalls at each end.

With no multiple truck loads, no heavy lifting, and no cranes, the simpler solution paid off.

All in all, the contractor saved around $15,000 for what turned out to be a small two-day operation, Saving Time, Saving Money . . . The Dollar General way.