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Bridge Replacement Over Fish Creek

Hamilton, IN

This bridge allowed passage over Fish Creek. The updated design required a 5 gauge, 22’x 20′ vertical ellipse, galvanized multi-plate for the main channel with a length of 150′.

On either side of the vertical ellipse a round 14′ diameter, 7 gauge, galvanized multi-plate overflow structure completed the design. Each overflow structure was 140’in length.

I-70 Over Deer Creek

Topeka, KS

The new structure had inside dimensions of 41’4” span and 21’3” rise with an overall length of 200 ft.  The new Buried Bridge consisted of hot dipped galvanized steel deep corrugated structural plate with a corrugation profile of 15” peak to peak by 5½” deep, steel thickness of 0.170” (8 gauge), and overall structure weight of about 155,000 lbs.  The structure was shipped in standard 30” wide plates and was assembled on site using 5 plates per ring.  

Gila River Arena


A 6” minimum benign envelope around the pipe using pea gravel was incorporated to abate the poor resistivity readings that periodically occurred at this site.

This job consisted of 6300 LF of CSP and 3200 LF of spiral rib pipe including several large tees, elbows, & misc. fittings.

Michigan Spillway Flood Control

Michigan, ND

A run of CSP totaling 5700 linear feet of 72” diameter (81” x 59”) arched storm drain was designed to accommodate a section of the project where soil conditions were not conducive to open channel ditch construction.

Access points were placed every 400’ for ventilation and cleanout. 48’ pipe sections were supplied to accommodate contractors request to reduce freight, joint connections and equipment limitations.

Aluminized Type ll steel was selected to provide an extended service life.

North Dakota Hwy 23 Road Improvements

Watford, ND

With over 14,680 LF (sections varying from 4,594 LF of 15-in diameter to 5,162 LF in 42-in diameter and 263 LF in 60-in), the mobile mill offered the perfect flexibility for the variety of pipe diameters needed to complete the job.

Hardin Valley Middle School Entrance

Knox County, TN

Using a low profile box culverts kept the project on budget, on schedule and provided a sustainable option.

Tucson Rainwater Harvesting Projects

Tucson, AZ

These pipes are set vertically into a concrete base and sealed with silicone or a spray sealant. They are then covered with a solid vented lid and plumbed for use.

Corrugated steel water tanks are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solution used for  rain water harvesting.


Douglas Wyoming Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation

Douglas, WY


As the aging infrastructure impact all transportation types, corrugated steel pipe was a solution to the rehabilitation of this old railroad timber structure.

Keeping the transportation running is the most important part of the rehab project. This crossing was not shut down any though the entire installation process.


Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway Reline

701 Telegraph Rd, Mobile, AL 36610

The deteriorating culvert had experienced major encroachment along the toe of the slope after a major rain event and catastrophic washouts.

North Dakota Highway


Standing the test of time these structures have survived nearly 60 years of service and are being extended to accommodate today’s traffic patterns.

Skunk Creek Crossing

Fargo, ND, United States

The North Dakota Department of Transportation had a problem with joint separation and spalling concrete in a 10’ x 8’ cast-in-place Reinforced concrete box culvert built in 1934, and extended in 1960.

Highway 160 Interchange

CA 160 Antioch, California

Fulfilling the order for this project created challenges in that the diameter was barely able to fit through our fabricating plant door, the pipes were so heavy that up to 3 forklifts were used to lift/transport the product.

North Carolina State Veterans Home Culvert

1601 Brenner Avenue Building 10, Salisbury, NC 28144

Constructed in 2011, this is the longest single span box culvert of any material in North America. This was also the first large span steel buried bridge to take advantage of its flexible nature in the foundation design.

First and Main Detention System

Blacksburg, VA

Coupled with the economic crunch and the limited resources available to developers, the demands placed upon design are more critical than ever with no room for taboo terms such as over-budget and over-design.

Smith Ford Crossing

43.74752420217028, -123.35530759999529

This half-round CSP structure, with its own footing plates, was designed by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. for bridging small streams on a temporary basis. The installation was along the Smith River access road near Elkton, RO and completed under the auspices of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Texas General

Pharr Texas 78577

The City of Pharr and the Texas General Land Office needed to upgrade a smaller, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) drainage system that included a main trunk line of large box culverts which intercepted approximately 320 acres of surface runoff in a densely populated area.

Coalfields Expressway

Coalfields Expressway, Crab Orchard, WV

To provide ample drainage along the bottom of  a ravine, 863-foot long 96″diameter structural steel plate was installed as part of the $23.4 million Coalfields Expressway corridor improvement project.

I-94 Mitchell Interchange

I-94, Wisconsin

A 54″ corrugated steel pipe from Contech Engineered Solutions was chosen to reline a concrete equalizer pipe under 30 feet of cover at Mitchell Interchange on I-94 in Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Springs Gateway

Building H, 4600 Roswell Rd NE (888) 710-1059

NCSPA member Southeast Culvert worked with engineers to re-design the project to pre-treat the detentions using multiple 144″ CMP filters.

Union County, IA

Union, IA

A three mile grading project included a structural steel plate arch as well as over 1,000 feet of culverts on a farm-to-market road.

Paseo Del Norte

Paseo Del Norte Northeast, Albuquerque, NM

Contech Engineered Solutions worked closely with the design-build team to design and manufacture a storm drainage system beneath the new interchange

Bridge M-23-13

Wissahickon Creek, PA

A deep corrugation 15″ x 5 ½” structural plate was used for the reline of the existing culvert arches over bridge M-23-13 Over Wissahickon Creek.

BNSF Railway Company Intermodal Facility

1111 Intermodal Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177

In 1994, BNSF Railway usedOver 26,000 ft of Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2) spiral rib pipe and  helically corrugated culvert pipe to build there intermodal facility in Roanoke, Texas

Century Boulevard

Century Boulevard Germantown, Maryland

The 41′- 4″ by 11′ – 9″ low profile structural plate arch was installed to span a tributary of Little Seneca Creek as part of the road extension.

Minnesota State Highway 210

Minnesota State Highway 210

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) designed a 144-inch by 180 feet of 10 gauge,  Aluminized Type 2, CSP as the replacement.

200th St Bridge

200th St, Independence, IA 50644

The residents of Buchanan County, Iowa have a new, durable and cost-effective steel buried bridge in place to handle traffic from their cars, trucks and heavy farm equipment.

Southwestern Illinois College

Liberal Arts Building 2500 Belleville, IL 62221

An 80-foot run of 8 gauge, polymer-coated, arched pipe with a 137-inch span and a 87-inch rise was installed at Southwestern Illinois College

Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania

The concrete structure, part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike infrastructure in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania was relined with 90-in plate arch

University of West Georgia

1601 Maple St, Carrollton, GA 30118

The University of West Georgia has installed a  three-tank system using 96-inch Aluminized Type 2 CSP.

Dallas County, IA

Dallas County, IA

A landowner in Dallas County replaced a deteriorating bridge with galvanized riveted corrugated steel pipe.

11th Street Bridge

+40.38648, -75.48480

Originally constructed in 1906, the relining design engineer of this project specified two 22-ft long, 19′-0″ x 5′-9½” structural plate arches.

Corvallis - Newport Highway

44.64246781712203, -123.80973279476166

The 28.4 ft diameter pipe consists of galvanized steel deep corrugated structural plate (15” x 5.5” corrugation profile) designed, manufactured, and constructed in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and ODOT requirements.

Uptown Worthington

The Royal Worthington, 45 Creekside Ln, Malvern, PA 19355

Located near Philadelphia, a combination system irrigation/detention system with of 1,584 feet of fully perforated, 96-in diameter, aluminized corrugated steel pipe (CSP) epitomizes "Green Infrastructure".

Union County, Iowa

40.987964802140354, -94.2633605003357

This 15-ft long, 30'-4" span x 7'-8 3/4" rise steel structural plate arch was installed by Union County, Iowa in 1941.

U.S. Bank Stadium

401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415

The U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, installed an underground retention system made from 1,000' of 144" diameter perforated Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2)  corrugated steel pipe.

Pembina County Border Crossing

Interstate 29, North Dakota

Corrugated steel pipe, supplied by True North Steel, was used by The North Dakota Department of Transportation to extend the structural plate pipe at the U.S. /Canadian border crossing station

Poe Paddy State Park

1087 Poe Paddy Dr, Woodward, PA 16882

The structural plate arch built to help protect visitors from falling results, with the help of NCSPA member Lane Enterprises, had unique specifications to accommodate a local endangered species.

Audubon Hollow

Audubon Hollow Ln Houston, TX 77027

NCSPA member Big R Bridge provided the galvanized steel for a flexible buried bridge with galvanized steel welded wire headwalls to conform to site constraints and aesthetic requirements. 

NM- 509

NM-509, Cuba, NM 87013

Deep corrugated steel arch provides minimal disruption on New Mexico State highway

University System of Georgia

270 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

The University System of Georgia installs recycled corrugated steel pipe to harvest rainwater to help reach their sustainability goals.

Oxbow, ND

Oxbow, ND

Corrugated steel pipe was introduced to this North Dakota town's stormwater system, in response to the  major flooding events plaguing their land.

Beacon Bluff

380 St Peter St, St Paul, MN 55102

Undergoing redevelopment, a corrugated steel piping system was implemented to solve a unique storm sever treatment issue.

Commerce Blvd, GA

Commerce Trail, Canton, GA 30114

NCSPA member Big R Bridge utilized corrugated structural steel plate to develop an efficient, yet economical construction solution.

11th St Stone Arch Bridge

+40.38641, -75.48496

Corrugated steel pipe was used to help restore this aging stone bridge in an Eastern Pennsylvania community

Memphis International Airport

2491 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

Manufactured from corrugated steel pipe, slotted drain fabricated by NCSPA member Contech Engineered Solutionwas selected to complete a recent construction project

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