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Project Spotlight: Thompson Middle School

St. Charles, Illinois, USA

The Thompson Middle School expansion was required as the School District shifted from a three school configuration to two.

Civil Engineering firm Rettler Corp identified three areas of the site that could be used to meet the required detention storage volume of 6.10 Ac-Ft. Three options were analyzed: ponds, underground concrete precast vaults, and Aluminized Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP system). In the end, the Contech CMP system was selected for all three basins.

Project Spotlight: Crown Valley Community Park Entrance Improvements

Laguna Niguel, California, USA

The Crown Valley Community Park Entrance Improvement project is part of of a 3 phase project that the City started in 2015. This was the second phase, which consisted of habitat restoration, the construction of a wetland, two small parking lots, a new entry bridge, an electronic marquee entry sign and an arch entry sign.

Project Spotlight: Cornelius 100,000+ ft3 Detention System in Cornelius, North Carolina

Cornelius, North Carolina

Initially designed with a concrete vault for the underground detention system and RCP for the stormdrain pipe, the developer JMR Construction approached the engineering team at Southeast Culvert for a value engineering proposal.

Project Spotlight: Threaded Pipe Liner Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Aiken, SC, USA

Engineers from the Packaging Technology sector of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions contacted Pacific Corrugated pipe with a unique request. They wanted to understand if corrugated steel pipe could be produced in such a way that two segment cans would "thread" into each other. If this could be achieved, both ends of the smaller diameter pipe would have welded end caps and a simple handle welded to one end. The other would remain open on both ends and later be installed into the existing disposal drums used in the nuclear waste control process.

Project Spotlight: Mexico, Missouri Grain Storage Aeration

Mexico, Missouri, USA

In the grain belt of the United States farmers have been blessed with technological and genetic advances that have allowed them to produce corn and soybean yields that would be almost unbelievable to farmers 20 years ago.  This over abundance, as good as it may sound to the general public, has created numerous issues for those producing the crops and those responsible for merchandising the crops(co-ops, processing plants, farmers, etc.)  The largest and most pressing of these issues is storage of the harvest.  Whether it be a more permanent flat storage facility, or a temporary outdoor “overflow” storage facility, proper storage of  grain helps keep the product marketable for longer periods of time and allows producers to hold on to crops until pricing is more favorable or processing facilities are able to take physical delivery of the grain.  When a producer’s or merchandiser’s storage facilities are improperly designed (i.e. the lack of proper airflow into grain piles), they risk the loss of millions of dollars in spoiled/rotten grain. 

Project Spotlight: SR 3023 Over White Creek

Susquehanna County, PA, USA

The Pennsylvania DOT project provided for the slip line rehabilitation of an existing 156 inch diameter steel structural plate pipe culvert crossing of State Route 3023 at White Creek in Susquehanna County, PA, located in the upper northeast corner of the state. The slip line pipe used for the rehabilitation was a 135 foot long, 132 inch diameter steel structural plate pipe.


Project Spotlight: Salem and South Fields Irrigation Canal Enclosure

Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

Located in Spanish Fork, Utah are six principle diversions from the Spanish Fork River. They are known locally as East Bench Canal, Salem Canal, Malcolm Ditch,Mill Race, South Field Canal, and Lake Shore Canal. These canals are owned and operated by the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) whose primary responsibility is to deliver clean, usable water to the local communities.

Special Application Project of the Year: Block 9 Project

Fargo, ND

The Block 9 project is in the heart of downtown Fargo, ND. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, this empty slate started its transformation into a mid-rise, mixed-use tower that will add to a vibrant city core and change the skyline of downtown Fargo making it the tallest building. The mixed use building includes headquarters for hundreds of team members of R.D. Offutt Company, ground floor retail, a boutique hotel, restaurant, and residential condominiums.

Project Spotlight: Great Park

Irvine, CA

The Great Park project consisted of redevelopment of the former El Toro Marine base in Irvine, CA. The El Toro marine base was built after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to providea blimp base for antisubmarine patrols for the Los Angeles harbor. After World War II the based was repurposed to be the center for Marine aviation on the west coast. During the Korean War the base was used as a jumping off point for units headed for combat. During the ensuing years growth of Orange County resulted in a sea of subdivisions and development encroaching on the base. El Toro officially closed in 1999 and there were many discussions about whether the property would be converted to a regional airport or used for other purposes. Ultimately, the decision was made to use the property for community and residential development.

Structural Plate Project of the Year: Construction & Execution of Emirates Road (Stage II) at Suhila & Shamal

Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

Located near Ras Al Khaimah in The United Arab Emirates, this overpass is a Guinness Book of World Records holder. Part of the newly constructed section of Emirates Road, this structure is also the biggest soil-steel structure in the world. The span of this massive overpass is 32.39 m (106 ft 3 in) and rise of 9.56m (31 ft 4 in).  This structure also boasts the title of the first of it’s type in the Middle East.

Rehabilitation Project of the Year: Shakey Lakes Dam Reline

Menominee County, Michigan, USA

Shakey Lakes Park, located in Menominee County, Michigan, is known for its great fishing and gorgeous views around the lakes. Both locals and tourists alike take advantage of the many amenities available there, and Menominee County takes pride in the advantages the park and surrounding lakes afford.

At the end of summer in 2018, the Menominee County Road Commission slated some necessary construction to repair several culverts running alongside the existing dam. In total, there were seven culverts with severe corrosion that required either repair and/or replacement. These culverts had originally been installed in 1963 and had outperformed their intended service life.

DOT Project of the Year: Sullivan County Emergency Long Span Repair

Sullivan County, PA, USA

he Pennsylvania DOT project provided for the emergency repair/replacement of a 31’-9” x 10’-2” long span, steel structural plate, low profile arch that was quickly washed out in an extremely severe storm event that brought 5 to 6 inches of rain in less than one-half hour at a location in Sullivan County, PA where S.R. 4016 crosses Lick Creek.

Retention/Detention Project of the Year: Kwik Trip Convenience Store

Kenosha, WI, USA

To meet the DNR and City Standards this underground stormwater detention system placed under a parking lot was designed to provide the 40% TSS removal as required for redevelopment sites. Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) was utilized on this project because of its ability to be arranged in a unique layout configuration that did not conflict with the building or other underground utilities while still accommodating the nearly 65,000 cf of stormwater storage volume required for the site.

CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year Winner: Town of Lyons Bridge Replacement

Lyons, WI, USA

The town of Lyons in Walworth County Wisconsin was faced with the task of replacing one of their bridges that had recently been deemed structurally inadequate. Like many townships across the state and country, funding was tight and the bridge replacement was added to an already long list of infrastructure projects needing to be addressed. The town, after recognizing the severity of the situation, enlisted the services of Baxter and Woodman Consulting Engineers in Burlington, WI to help with design work and the development of options for the town to consider in replacing the bridge.

Indianapolis Storm Sewer

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Indiana DOT specified two miles of 96” diameter Polymer Coated for storm sewer in Indianapolis, IN.

North Dakota Red Zone

Medora, ND, USA

  • Installed in 1988.
  • Zone 4 North Dakota DOT Corrosion Map. “RED Zone” <400 Ohms*cm the highest      corrosion zone in ND.
  • No signs of corrosion,
  • Mud splatter on the side walls and mud layered on the inverts.

Polymer Coated Storm Sewer Improvements

Lodi, NJ, USA

  • 4,000 LF 132” Diameter
  • 1,000 LF 120” Diameter
  • Constrained Site
  • Integrated Manholes

Highway 84 - Cass County, MN

46.8674297, -94.3945708

After approximately 39 years of in-ground performance, 11 of the 13 Polymer Coated CSP crossings (14 total pipes) had a rating of 2 (fair with some wear, but structurally sound).   One of the culvert inverts could not be observed, one was a twin culvert, and one of the culverts observed had a rating of 3 due to foundation of the roadway surface unrelated to the pipe.

When comparing the current condition of the polymer coated CMP to the plain galvanized end sections used on the inlet and outlet of the pipes, it is apparent the polymer coating has helped significantly increased the service life of the galvanized culverts.  If these culverts were made of galvanized steel they would have probably already been replaced. 

Based on the overall condition of the culverts after 40-years of performance and the very good condition of the polymeric coating on the interior of the pipes, it is believed the culverts will continue to perform for many years to come. 

Project Spotlight: Griffin Farms

Lake Mary, FL, USA

Griffin Farms is a mixed-use housing development featuring 100,000 sf of retail, 264 luxury apartments and 165 luxury single family homes. Land use efficiency and cost drove the use of underground infiltration.  After evaluating all the options, engineers at Kimley-Horn selected a corrugated steel pipe detention system from Contech Engineered Solutions.

Project Spotlight: DLA Troop Support Facility

Philadelphia, PA

After learning of the heafty price tag associated with a Thermoplastic Detention System, contractors reached out to Lane Enterprises, Inc to help value-engineer a replacement system.

Project Spotlight: Saddlebrook Marketplace

Tucson, AZ, USA

Construction of a new shopping center warranted a stormwater runoff system that included both a retention pond manifold with detention system overflow.  Along with the longer runs of pipe, all of the corrugated metal pipe had to be connected to a Type 4 concrete catch basin per ADOT standard Detail C-15-30.  To achieve this feat, three 42” tees were used to connect the longer runs of CSP.

Project Spotlight: Racetrac Blairs Bridge

Douglas County, GA, USA

In 2017, Racetrac Petroleum implemented a new company concept in Douglas County, GA known as a convenience stop (otherwise known as a truck stop). This site is located on Interstate 20 which runs from South Carolina to California. The sites are larger than  the traditional gas stations so the stormwater treatment and storage is more involved.

Project Spotlight: Little Wolf Creek Parking Lot

Grass Valley, CA, USA

After heavy rains in Northern California, the side of a hill, on the edge of a parking lot, gave way creating a sinkhole approximately 250’ in diameter.  This section of Wolf Creek, directly at the bottom of the hole, handles about ¼ of Grass Valley's stormwater drainage during the heavy season.  After realizing there was a significant sinkhole issue, city engineers, contractors and Pacific Corrugated Pipe worked together to create a solution.

Project Spotlight: 801 Centreville Road

Newville, PA, USA

Located in Newville, PA, a substantial warehouse development needed a new drainage system that could handle a significant amount of storm water.  The original plans for the new storm water drainage system involved using reinforced concrete pipe, at a hefty price tag.

Project Spotlight: Delano Synthetic Fields and Stadium Renovations

Delano, MN, USA

The local high school in Delano, MN decided a renovation to their stadium was in order.  Among the renovations a new detention system was to be installed – under the athletic field!  After consulting with the project engineers and contractors, the school system decided to go with corrugated steel pipe for the system.  

Project Spotlight: Bitter Creek Western Railroad

Arroyo Grande, CA, USA

The design of this extra special project required the engineering team at PCP to create a train tunnel designed and constructed out of CSP.

Project Spotlight: Labette County Bridge 183 Replacement

Labette County, Kansas

In Labette County, Kansas, a concrete bridge structure was in need of replacement. Originally built in the early 1900s, the structural condition of the bridge was very poor, and the neighboring landowner was experiencing damaging flooding events due to back up from the bridge.

Project Spotlight: VT Route 2B Bridge Replacement

St Johnsbury, VT

The nominated project was a replacement for a 139’ long 3-span bridge constructed in 1936. The project was designed by Big R Bridge through collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTRANS) and CLD Engineers (project engineer). This project is the first deep corrugated structural plate Buried Bridge project in Vermont.

Project Spotlight: Beaver Creek Culvert

Multnomah County, OR, USA

The Stark St crossing over Beaver Creek consisted of an undersized concrete box culvert with a broken fish ladder that was prohibiting salmon and other fish species from migrating upstream through the culvert.  

Project Spotlight: Capital Square

Fargo, North Dakota

The original site design for this project consisted of 40,000 ft3 of storm water storage, 20,000 ft3 above grade and 20,000 ft3 below grade built with 60” diameter HDPE and concrete manholes and inlets. The owner requested a redesign of the storm drainage to better utilize his property.

Project Spotlight: Highway 4/Highway 160 Interchange

Antioch, CA, USA

A bridge project in Antioch, CA needed a very special isolation casing that wasn’t typically available.  Engineers reached out to PCP for their help in designing this mammoth casing.

Project Spotlight: City Center Regional Stormwater Facility

Mountlake Terrace, Washington

The city of Mountlake Terrace, Washington needed a new stormwater retention facility to provide stormwater treatment and downstream flood control. The facility would treat runoff from an area of about 13 acres in the city’s downtown core and protect the water quality in the Lake Ballinger watershed.

Project Spotlight: Michigan Spillway Flood Control

Michigan, USA

Since 1993, wet conditions have brought water from the upper reaches of this watershed down to the Michigan Spillway Project area.   The Nelson County Water Resource District Board has worked toward emergency pumping to lower this flood for many years.   This project has had many designs made, with protection for downstream impacts and even concerns of invasive species downstream that could migrate upstream.  Hence, a very elaborate pump station is required to control these issues for this project and was permitted. 

Project Spotlight: Fontana Tract Homes

Fontana, CA, USA

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. was approached for a special project for 2 residential tract projects.  Tract 17634 was a 20 Home Cul-de-sac layout design that would incorporate a 96”x20’-16 gauge retention tank for each home and also a 48” 16g x 150’ perforated system for street runoff. 

Project Spotlight: Millard Quarry Tunnel

Anneville, PA

Industry uses of corrugated steel structural plate goes virtually unnoticed by the public and engineering community alike as it does not involve transportation facilities. However, structural plate is integral to the operations of quarrying and mining industries, and Pennsy Supply’s Millard Quarry Tunnel in Anneville, PA provides an excellent illustration of the varied uses of this engineering material.

Project Spotlight: Dry Creek Restoration Project Phase 2

Healdsburg, CA

In an effort to ensure that an existing creek bank and fish habitat could be restored, engineers in Healdsburg, CA temporarily diverted Dry Creek.

Project Spotlight: Henry County – IDOT I-74/280 Reline

Moline, Illinoi

Ultimately, the IDOT selected a proposal by WBK Associates LTD which utilized a 144-inch diameter polymer-coated double wall pipe supplied by Contech Engineered Solutions. The double walled steel pipe with a polymer-coated, 18 gage, smooth interior steel liner and 12 gage, rugged 3x1 corrugated outer steel shell was able to satisfy the AASHTO specification as well as the IDOT section 543.02 requirements.

Project Spotlight: Sonoma Verde

Dallas, TX, USA

East of Dallas, Texas, off of I-30, lies the community of McLendon-Chisholm & Sonoma Verde.  These new housing developments were built to “ take the rich offerings of Tuscan style & place it within reach of every resident who wants to stop planning for ‘tomorrow’ and start living their dream today.”

Upon reviewing the plans for the housing community the developer’s choose to go with a structural plate arch over traditional TXDOT concrete alternatives.

Project Spotlight: Stormwater Management Improvements

5999 Power Inn Road, Sacramento CA 95824

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. (PCP) implemented a variety of actions based on Tier II treatment requirements administered by the Department of Environmental Quality.  PCP installed an Electrocoagulation (EC) Stormwater Treatment System at their manufacturing facility. The Design parameters of the EC system allowed for the discharge of clean water.

Project Spotlight: Sykeston Park Road

Sykeston, North Dakota

After extensive spring flooding, ice damage and severe erosion, access to the Sykeston, North Dakota City Park was extremely limited.  After assessing the situation FEMA was forced to replace the existing structure with a new 15’ diameter structural plate pipe.

Project Spotlight: Mike’s Creek Crossing

North Dakota Badlands

After several peak storm events washed out a section of a North Dakota Badlands Forrest Service access road, the Forrest Service teamed up with Kadrmas Lee Jackson’s engineers and Hlebechuk Construction to make some very quick repairs.

Project Spotlight: Robotic Exploration Beneath The McMurdo Ice Shelf


On January 7th of 2015, PCP was approached by Lockheed Martin for some information regarding their culvert capabilities and the potential to start a new, very exciting project.  After multiple phone calls and emails a product design was approved that would allow the transport of robotic submarines through the Antarctic Ice Shelf!

Project Spotlight: Union Railroad – Valentine Project

Sierra Blanca, TX

How appropriate that it was in February 2015 that Metal Culverts, Inc. supplied  Union Pacific Railroad with 390’ of 60” diameter, 12 gauge (3”X1”) riveted corrugated steel pipe with High Build Epoxy Coating (HBE-95) for their Valentine Project –MP 742.37 located near Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Project Spotlight: Big Bear Cabin Enclosed Parking Garage

Big Bear, CA

This was a very unique project indeed!  Engineers reached out to PCP to help with the design of a residential 2 car parking solution that needed to meet a multitude of requirements.  The first requirement was that it had to utilized a small and complex space that was being added to the cabin.  Next, it had to be an architectural match to the surrounding mountain aesthetics.  And finally the garage structure would have to have an outlet or manhole access from the top to allow the owner to leave the cabin or garage without direct interaction to the winter elements.

Project Spotlight: Kansas City Power & Light - RFP 43868 Steel Bridge

Kansas City, MO

A signaled level crossing had been holding up traffic and impacting safety on a BNSF Railway spur feeding the La Cygne Generating Station, south of Kansas City.  Motorists and railway workers alike all gave it a failing grade.

Project Spotlight: Project Jasper

Forest Park, GA

A new $250 million distribution center code named “Project Jasper” was revealed by Forest Park, Georgia city officials. This expansive distribution center was slated to be built on about 300 acres of land – roughly one-million square feet and anticipated an extremely high volume of stormwater runoff.

Project Spotlight: Watson Industrial Park

Chino, CA

During the design of their new retention system, Watson Industrial Park presented 2 unique challenges.  The first required a product and logistical solution that would allow for the installation to be completed as it was delivered and the second was a production plan that would allow for everything to be produced AND installed in less than 6 weeks time.

Project Spotlight: Kaiser Aluminum

Chandler, AZ

In an effort to create the largest possible interior holding space, Pacific Corrugated Pipe was tasked with the massive challenge of creating the largest possible diameter pipe while maintaining a 20’ length. Due to the limitations on the opening of their stationary mill, PCP had to enlist the use of their mobile mill.

Project Spotlight: Plymouth Foam Detention Project

Plymouth, WI

To say water is important to the state of Wisconsin would be an understatement. With over 15,000 lakes in direct proximity to Lakes Michigan and Superior (two of the largest sources of freshwater in the world), and 32,000 miles of streams, Wisconsinites prize their quality water resources. They utilize these resources for drinking water, recreational opportunities, crop irrigation, and as the base of a huge tourism industry.

Project Spotlight: Loffs Bay Road - Golf Cart Underpass

Coeur D’Alene, ID

Hyalite Engineers needed assistance in finding a cost effective alternative to a concrete box culvert crossing for the Rock Creek Golf Club located near Coeur D’Alene, ID.  Hyalite Engineers reached out to TrueNorth Steel to help them ensure that the golfers were able to safely cross Loffs Bay Road.

Project Spotlight: Jacob's Ladder SWMS

Roswell, GA

In 2016, the Atlanta Regional Council revised the Georgia Storm Water Management Manual to incorporate LID (Low Impact Development) water quality methods. SEC designed a 42” perforated, aluminized infiltration system that would return the storm water to the soils.

Structural Plate Project of the Year 2018 Winner: American Center for Mobility Test Track

Ypsilanti, Michigan

The American Center for Mobility (ACM), recently built a U.S.-based connected and automated vehicle (CAV) research facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the heart of the automotive industry. The Center is a proving ground for CAV product testing, development, validation, and certification. The 500-acre site includes a driverless 2.5-mile highway loop, two double overpasses, a railroad crossing, intersections, roundabouts, and a 704-foot long curved tunnel.

DOT Project Of The Year 2018 Winner: I-95 Temporary Bridge Over North Ave

Attleboro, MA

The project specifications called for construction of a conventional temporary bridge in the median to carry the 3 lanes of traffic for the northbound or southbound bridge as that bridge was being replaced.

Rehab Project Of The Year 2018 Winner – Layden’s Ridge Drive Reline

Talty, TX

Located on Interstate 20 twenty miles east of Dallas, Talty is ideally suited to those seeking large residential lots within easy commuting distance to the urban center, and as such, the city is constantly assessing road conditions in order to incorporate new improvements and ongoing city road projects and expansions.

Retention/Detention Project of the Year 2018 Winner: French Valley Self Storage

Murrieta, CA

Pacific Corrugated Pipe was given the opportunity to value engineer and aid in designing one of the largest rainwater storage retention systems ever installed in the Murrieta, CA area and furnished from their facility.

CSP & Pipe Arch Project Of The Year 2018 Winner: Guthrie Co IA Bridge Replacement

Guthrie Co, IA

On this particular bridge replacement, Guthrie County was replacing a 22’ long x 16’ wide timber bridge that had no record of installation date. The Guthrie county engineer considered three replacement options based on the size of the drainage area and required hydraulics at the site. Option 1 was a Single 6’ x 7’ reinforced concrete box; Option 2 was a single 84” corrugated metal pipe; and Option 3 was a twin run of 60” corrugated metal pipes. When the cost analysis was completed, the single run of 84” CMP was the clear winner.

Quartz Creek Culvert Replacement

Wolf Creek, OR, USA

The Bureau of Land Management was in need of a new, eco-friendly culvert solution that would allow for a proper fish passage west of Wolf Creek in Oregon.  In addition to providing safe passage for fish, this new design called for construction loading and heavy vehicle traffic support on 2 one-way logging roads.

The Measured Performance of Aluminized Type 2 Steel Pipe in Storm Sewer Applications

Atlanta, GA, USA

A research project on the durability of Aluminized Steel Type 2 pipe installed in the metro Atlanta area has resulted in an outstanding report of the product’s performance. The study focused on the performance of pipes in storm sewer applications, so the majority of the pipes are connecting two catch basin structures.

Mar-Jac Feedmill Storm Sewer System

Spruce Pine, AL, USA

Mar-Jac Poultry in Spruce Pine, AL needed an unconventional storm sewer system for it’s new $35 million feedmill.  Because of the nearly 100’ canyon walls at the location, the storm sewer system needed to account for an anticipated height of cover in excess of 80’ – a height that exceeded many allowable limits on all design charts for the typical concrete, corrugated metal and precast box culverts.

Combination SWMS for a New Chrysler Dealership

Pineville, NC, USA

Original plans for a new Chrysler Dealership in Pineville, NC included a modular reinforced concrete storm water detention system – but at a hefty price. After a value engineering process, it was decided to go with an aluminized steel pipe combination storm water management system, saving the owner over $300,000!

Texas Pacifico Bridge Replacement

Talpa, TX, USA

A timber bridge in Talpa, TX was in need of emergency repairs after extensive flooding in the area. The project called for a solution that could be designed and implemented quickly as the bridge was part of the local railway system.

Bridge Replacement Over Fish Creek

Hamilton, IN

This bridge allowed passage over Fish Creek. The updated design required a 5 gauge, 22’x 20′ vertical ellipse, galvanized multi-plate for the main channel with a length of 150′.

On either side of the vertical ellipse a round 14′ diameter, 7 gauge, galvanized multi-plate overflow structure completed the design. Each overflow structure was 140’in length.

I-70 Over Deer Creek

Topeka, KS

The new structure had inside dimensions of 41’4” span and 21’3” rise with an overall length of 200 ft.  The new Buried Bridge consisted of hot dipped galvanized steel deep corrugated structural plate with a corrugation profile of 15” peak to peak by 5½” deep, steel thickness of 0.170” (8 gauge), and overall structure weight of about 155,000 lbs.  The structure was shipped in standard 30” wide plates and was assembled on site using 5 plates per ring.  

Gila River Arena


A 6” minimum benign envelope around the pipe using pea gravel was incorporated to abate the poor resistivity readings that periodically occurred at this site.

This job consisted of 6300 LF of CSP and 3200 LF of spiral rib pipe including several large tees, elbows, & misc. fittings.

Michigan Spillway Flood Control

Michigan, ND

A run of CSP totaling 5700 linear feet of 72” diameter (81” x 59”) arched storm drain was designed to accommodate a section of the project where soil conditions were not conducive to open channel ditch construction.

Access points were placed every 400’ for ventilation and cleanout. 48’ pipe sections were supplied to accommodate contractors request to reduce freight, joint connections and equipment limitations.

Aluminized Type ll steel was selected to provide an extended service life.

North Dakota Hwy 23 Road Improvements

Watford, ND

With over 14,680 LF (sections varying from 4,594 LF of 15-in diameter to 5,162 LF in 42-in diameter and 263 LF in 60-in), the mobile mill offered the perfect flexibility for the variety of pipe diameters needed to complete the job.

Hardin Valley Middle School Entrance

Knox County, TN

Using a low profile box culverts kept the project on budget, on schedule and provided a sustainable option.

Tucson Rainwater Harvesting Projects

Tucson, AZ

These pipes are set vertically into a concrete base and sealed with silicone or a spray sealant. They are then covered with a solid vented lid and plumbed for use.

Corrugated steel water tanks are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solution used for  rain water harvesting.


Douglas Wyoming Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation

Douglas, WY


As the aging infrastructure impact all transportation types, corrugated steel pipe was a solution to the rehabilitation of this old railroad timber structure.

Keeping the transportation running is the most important part of the rehab project. This crossing was not shut down any though the entire installation process.


Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway Reline

701 Telegraph Rd, Mobile, AL 36610

The deteriorating culvert had experienced major encroachment along the toe of the slope after a major rain event and catastrophic washouts.

North Dakota Highway


Standing the test of time these structures have survived nearly 60 years of service and are being extended to accommodate today’s traffic patterns.

Skunk Creek Crossing

Fargo, ND, United States

The North Dakota Department of Transportation had a problem with joint separation and spalling concrete in a 10’ x 8’ cast-in-place Reinforced concrete box culvert built in 1934, and extended in 1960.

Highway 160 Interchange

CA 160 Antioch, California

Fulfilling the order for this project created challenges in that the diameter was barely able to fit through our fabricating plant door, the pipes were so heavy that up to 3 forklifts were used to lift/transport the product.

North Carolina State Veterans Home Culvert

1601 Brenner Avenue Building 10, Salisbury, NC 28144

Constructed in 2011, this is the longest single span box culvert of any material in North America. This was also the first large span steel buried bridge to take advantage of its flexible nature in the foundation design.

First and Main Detention System

Blacksburg, VA

Coupled with the economic crunch and the limited resources available to developers, the demands placed upon design are more critical than ever with no room for taboo terms such as over-budget and over-design.

Smith Ford Crossing

43.74752420217028, -123.35530759999529

This half-round CSP structure, with its own footing plates, was designed by Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co. for bridging small streams on a temporary basis. The installation was along the Smith River access road near Elkton, RO and completed under the auspices of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Texas General

Pharr Texas 78577

The City of Pharr and the Texas General Land Office needed to upgrade a smaller, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) drainage system that included a main trunk line of large box culverts which intercepted approximately 320 acres of surface runoff in a densely populated area.

Coalfields Expressway

Coalfields Expressway, Crab Orchard, WV

To provide ample drainage along the bottom of  a ravine, 863-foot long 96″diameter structural steel plate was installed as part of the $23.4 million Coalfields Expressway corridor improvement project.

I-94 Mitchell Interchange

I-94, Wisconsin

A 54″ corrugated steel pipe from Contech Engineered Solutions was chosen to reline a concrete equalizer pipe under 30 feet of cover at Mitchell Interchange on I-94 in Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Springs Gateway

Building H, 4600 Roswell Rd NE (888) 710-1059

NCSPA member Southeast Culvert worked with engineers to re-design the project to pre-treat the detentions using multiple 144″ CMP filters.

Union County, IA

Union, IA

A three mile grading project included a structural steel plate arch as well as over 1,000 feet of culverts on a farm-to-market road.

Paseo Del Norte

Paseo Del Norte Northeast, Albuquerque, NM

Contech Engineered Solutions worked closely with the design-build team to design and manufacture a storm drainage system beneath the new interchange

Bridge M-23-13

Wissahickon Creek, PA

A deep corrugation 15″ x 5 ½” structural plate was used for the reline of the existing culvert arches over bridge M-23-13 Over Wissahickon Creek.

BNSF Railway Company Intermodal Facility

1111 Intermodal Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177

In 1994, BNSF Railway usedOver 26,000 ft of Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2) spiral rib pipe and  helically corrugated culvert pipe to build there intermodal facility in Roanoke, Texas

Century Boulevard

Century Boulevard Germantown, Maryland

The 41′- 4″ by 11′ – 9″ low profile structural plate arch was installed to span a tributary of Little Seneca Creek as part of the road extension.

Minnesota State Highway 210

Minnesota State Highway 210

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) designed a 144-inch by 180 feet of 10 gauge,  Aluminized Type 2, CSP as the replacement.

200th St Bridge

200th St, Independence, IA 50644

The residents of Buchanan County, Iowa have a new, durable and cost-effective steel buried bridge in place to handle traffic from their cars, trucks and heavy farm equipment.

Southwestern Illinois College

Liberal Arts Building 2500 Belleville, IL 62221

An 80-foot run of 8 gauge, polymer-coated, arched pipe with a 137-inch span and a 87-inch rise was installed at Southwestern Illinois College

Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania

The concrete structure, part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike infrastructure in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania was relined with 90-in plate arch

University of West Georgia

1601 Maple St, Carrollton, GA 30118

The University of West Georgia has installed a  three-tank system using 96-inch Aluminized Type 2 CSP.

Dallas County, IA

Dallas County, IA

A landowner in Dallas County replaced a deteriorating bridge with galvanized riveted corrugated steel pipe.

11th Street Bridge

+40.38648, -75.48480

Originally constructed in 1906, the relining design engineer of this project specified two 22-ft long, 19′-0″ x 5′-9½” structural plate arches.

Corvallis - Newport Highway

44.64246781712203, -123.80973279476166

The 28.4 ft diameter pipe consists of galvanized steel deep corrugated structural plate (15” x 5.5” corrugation profile) designed, manufactured, and constructed in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and ODOT requirements.

Uptown Worthington

The Royal Worthington, 45 Creekside Ln, Malvern, PA 19355

Located near Philadelphia, a combination system irrigation/detention system with of 1,584 feet of fully perforated, 96-in diameter, aluminized corrugated steel pipe (CSP) epitomizes Green Infrastructure.


U.S. Bank Stadium

401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415

The U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, installed an underground retention system made from 1,000' of 144 diameter perforated Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2)  corrugated steel pipe.


Pembina County Border Crossing

Interstate 29, North Dakota

Corrugated steel pipe, supplied by True North Steel, was used by The North Dakota Department of Transportation to extend the structural plate pipe at the U.S. /Canadian border crossing station

Poe Paddy State Park

1087 Poe Paddy Dr, Woodward, PA 16882

The structural plate arch built to help protect visitors from falling results, with the help of NCSPA member Lane Enterprises, had unique specifications to accommodate a local endangered species.

Audubon Hollow

Audubon Hollow Ln Houston, TX 77027

NCSPA member Big R Bridge provided the galvanized steel for a flexible buried bridge with galvanized steel welded wire headwalls to conform to site constraints and aesthetic requirements. 

NM- 509

NM-509, Cuba, NM 87013

Deep corrugated steel arch provides minimal disruption on New Mexico State highway

University System of Georgia

270 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

The University System of Georgia installs recycled corrugated steel pipe to harvest rainwater to help reach their sustainability goals.

Oxbow, ND

Oxbow, ND

Corrugated steel pipe was introduced to this North Dakota town's stormwater system, in response to the  major flooding events plaguing their land.

Beacon Bluff

380 St Peter St, St Paul, MN 55102

Undergoing redevelopment, a corrugated steel piping system was implemented to solve a unique storm sever treatment issue.

Commerce Blvd, GA

Commerce Trail, Canton, GA 30114

NCSPA member Big R Bridge utilized corrugated structural steel plate to develop an efficient, yet economical construction solution.

11th St Stone Arch Bridge

+40.38641, -75.48496

Corrugated steel pipe was used to help restore this aging stone bridge in an Eastern Pennsylvania community

Memphis International Airport

2491 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

Manufactured from corrugated steel pipe, slotted drain fabricated by NCSPA member Contech Engineered Solutionwas selected to complete a recent construction project