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Water Quality Structures

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CSP Water Quality Structures Can Be Used Where It Is Necessary To Control The Quality Of The Runoff

These systems work in a three-stage process: settling out solids, separating floating oils and solids, and filtering small fines. The CSP system can be built with a convenient means for access, allowing the structures to be cleaned and maintained periodically.



Where the proper soils are present, perforated CSP can be used as an infiltration system. This water quality practice duplicates undeveloped


conditions by directing runoff back into the ground. CSP has the advantage of minimizing excavation, as compared to a conventional infiltration trench, and allowing access into the system.

CSP Sand Filters

One of the most promising techniques of providing water quality improvement is through filtration. Runoff is passed through a filter media, typically sand, for treatment purposes. These systems provide high pollutant removal efficiencies and are particularly appropriate for the “ultra urban” environment.


Versatility in Fabrication

CSP can be readily fabricated into elbows, tees, manifolds, inlets and outlet control structures. This flexibility in design and system layout cannot be achieved with other materials. Also, plant fabrication means faster installation and lower job site costs.

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