2022 Project of the Year Winner – Going Green: High Speed Railway Ecological Overpass

By: ViaCon Turkey


corrugated steel plate ecological overpass

This amazing project is the first ever corrugated steel plate ecological overpass constructed on a high speed railway in the world!  After an initiative backed by ViaCon Turkey,  this corrugated steel bridge structure, dubbed “Ecological Bridge Structure” by Turkish State Directorate of Railways, was built and implemented in Mihalıçcık/Eskişehir. This amazing steel structure was introduced for the sole purpose of helping thecorrugated steel plate ecological overpass  nearby wildlife.  Before construction of the bridge started, it was estimated that it would take close to a year upon completion before the local wildlife would start to use bridge.  Amazingly, the wild animal population was photographed using the bridge only 1 month after it was built!

A deep corrugated steel plate structure was chosen due to the location in which the crossing was to be built and the dimensions that would be easily achieved using steel. The structure, which has a span of 18.41 meters and a height of 9.56 meters, was designed to provide  a crossing over a 2-track railway crossing with a length of 74.15 meters.  After the completion of the reinforced concrete foundation, the CSP structure was completed within an astonishing 22 days.
corrugated steel plate ecological overpass

With the completion of the backfill layers after the assembly of the steel structure, the corrugated steel Ecological bridge structure was finalized and put into use.

corrugated steel plate ecological overpass

All parts of the corrugated steel ecological overpass structure were produced in Sakarya/Turkey.  A total of 229 tons of steel were used in the assembled of the structure.




Technical Specs:
• HL93 Live Load,
• Cover Depth: 2 m,
• Backfilling: Aggregate compacted to 95% standard proctor density(γ = 19,5 kN/m3),
• Durability: 75 years,
• Corrosion Protect: Zinc coating of thickness conforming EN ISO 1461 standard

corrugated steel plate ecological overpass