stormwater detention system

East Village – 2014 Hall of Fame Project of the Year

By: Southeast Culvert

When the East Village project began, detention was a major point of debate. The engineer of record considered several options – -the original design was a concrete vault but cost and timing brought other ideas into the arena.

Offsite drainage to adjacent ponds, chambered systems, and the concrete vault came with a slew of issues such as cost, footprint size, drainage easements, permitting, and construction time.

As a result of the volume required for storage, the system quickly grew and expanded outside of the useable area for detention, but due to a considerable elevation change to the outfall, the idea of a tiered CMP detention system was considered.

The material cost of the CMP system reduced the initial budget by approximately $200,000, not to mention time and labor costs that were saved by choosing a system that was quick and easy to assemble while staying within the originally designed footprint.

The final detention design for East Village was a tiered 144″, 10 gauge, Aluminized Steel Type 2 CMP detention system provided by Southeast Culvert.

The strength and flexibility of the CMP system made it an attractive option. Studies show that 10 gauge Aluminized Steel Type 2, installed in normal soil PH and resistivity, will provide a service life beyond 100 years.

The combination of strength, flexibility, durability and economics made the CMP detention a perfect fit for this project.



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