14' diameter, 7 gauge, galvanized multi-plate overflow structure

Project Spotlight: Bridge Replacement over Fish Creek

By Metal Culverts

In July 2014, the Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company decided to replace a concrete bridge built in 1916 approximately half a mile east of Hamilton, IN.

This bridge allowed passage over Fish Creek. The updated design required a 5 gauge, 22’x 20′ vertical ellipse, galvanized multi-plate for the main channel with a length of 150′.

On either side of the vertical ellipse a round 14′ diameter, 7 gauge, galvanized multi-plate overflow structure completed the design. Each overflow structure was 140’in length.

Metal Culverts, Inc. was made aware of the project and requested pricing and assembly information from Lane Enterprises.

The availability of material and a swift assembly schedule were key components in the award of this project issued through a purchased agreement from Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company.

Metal Culverts, Inc. subsequently placed an order with Lane for the purchase of the plate and entered into a contract with them to have their assembly crew erect the three plates in early September. 14' diameter, 7 gauge, galvanized multi-plate overflow structure

The schedule for the assembly was critical because the work needed to be done during the ‘Clow water season” for the Fish Creek water channel (up to 12″ of slow moving water in the channel was possible). Lane expedited production and shipment of material to the jobsite.

Assembly actually began the last week of August. As you can see from the photos, the water was a little higher than 12″. The water was actually waist high.

Because of the water level, the invert of the 22′ x 20′ vertical ellipse was preassembled on the bank of the channel in segments of 3 or 4 panels and then placed in the channel. This process greatly reduced the number of bolts that needed to be inserted in the water.

The assembly was completed on schedule. Jeff Stephens, the assembly crew foreman on the jobsite, said this structure was the best assembly job of the year.

The week the 22′ x 20’ vertical ellipse was being erected was a rather warm week and Jeff said his crew was actually excited to be working in the water. What was initially thought to be an inconvenience turned out to be a blessing.

Lane’s assembly crew completed assembly of the 3 structures in just over 3 weeks. Wilson Excavating brought the project to the grade you see which completed Phase I of the job.

The second phase of the project will involve removal of the tracks and concrete spans before raising the grade to the current track elevation and installing the new tracks.

This crossing, originally built in 1916, will be ready for its next century of service.

For more information on this project contact Metal Culverts, Inc here.

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